Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We had the best time last Friday with Chris and Marin and Jake Locker, working to create some new photos to promote the Husky Nation Project. The connections established and the friendships forged in that afternoon promise to be powerful and far-reaching. I just returned from my art group and we will be creating some items for Marin that were discussed during the shoot. I also talked to one of my friends today who has a way for Chris to experience driving, which is one of his dreams, but due to complications from his treatments is not possible within the usual scope of driving an automobile. I show a photo here today that captures the personalities of my subjects and it makes me laugh to see Chris so smug after making Jake laugh. Chris, the comedian, seated near Marin, the regal beauty, and separated by one of the nicest young men I have ever met---like I said, it made for one fun day.

This coming Monday is the screening of the documentary, "Portraits of Hope" at the SIFF. We are proud and thrilled that it will be making its Seattle debut. If you are not able to attend, we are hoping that it will be part of the Port Townsend film festival in the fall and that we will have an event here at the studio that will be more convenient for many of you

I am sharing
two new families today from the NTSAD family conference. The first is a beautiful little girl named Riley who has just recently been in the hospital. I am so happy to say that she will be going home soon after a stay that was really tough. Riley's parents had scheduled for one day, but we had to wait until the next as she was struggling at the conference time. I felt so sad, as I could tell they were struggling with how to handle the situation while away from home. Sarah did the main work with this family and did a wonderful job.

The second little charmer tonight is the enchanting Racheli. This little one caught my eye when they arrived, as I had received an email from her dad when we first came on the scene as a new foundation and I remembered her from her website. She was so lovingly surrounded

by three handsome brothers and parents who adore her. It was my pleasure to sit near her dad at every possible time as he seemed to have the words to keep me strong and focused while working in a situation that often tugged at my heart.

On Friday we will be joined here in the courtyard in Ballard by the interim director of the NTSAD foundation. I am so excited to sit and share some time with this lovely woman and get more insights into how we can better serve the Tay Sachs families. I again thank the Conner's Way Foundation for their support of our work in Massachusettes and for allowing me to have such a life altering experience.

This past weekend I worked at three special weddings and attended the memorial service for lovely Deena. Since her service we have received very nice donations in her honor. We are having a meeting tomorrow to plan how best to move forward in our work with parents. After seeing the photo of Deena and her girls in the front of her church, I knew even more fully that this expansion of our scope is the right thing to do. Please know that we are available and that we can accept referrals from any of you. Please be mindful that we do not make 'cold' calls to families and that they are boundaries to the work. When referring us to a family, please be sure that they know about our work and that they want to have photos taken, and that they know we work with children from birth to 18 that have life-threatening illness, and also with parents who are nearing the end of life and have children between birth and 18.

We are so proud also of the work Sandra Coan completed this week for a new family. I feel she has captured many treasures that will sustain them in times of sorrow.

Kurt Smith has completed a shoot with a little boy and his family who live north of Seattle. I am excited to see what magic Kurt as worked with his camera. Kurt and I will most likely be the last two film shooters in all of Seattle. I see lovely work from our digital photos, but I still love the look of good black-and-white prints from film. Not being digital, film also takes away the desire to go in and try to fix things. Personally, I prefer a more natural look, so I will stick with film for now and hope that my dear friends at Moon photo and Wallingford photo will be happy printing my film for many years to come.

I am heading off to the cabin again. I know that the beauty of the island will bring such peaceful thoughts. I send wishes of peace to our dear bracelet maker Denise as she has just passed the date of Blake's birthday for the first time since his passing. I close as always with so many families on my mind and in love and peace, Lynette