Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It was wonderful to be with both of my girls for Mother's Day in SLO, California. The countryside around McKenzie's college town is truly beautiful. Both of our daughters are about to graduate from college, Mac this summer and Lew this winter. Doug and I are so excited, since we both ended our college careers shy of a degree, so these degrees are something to celebrate.

We have a date for viewing the film at Seattle International Film Festival. It will show with four other local documentaries at the Egyptian theater on Monday, June 4. It will start at 7:00 with our film showing sometime after that. I am so hoping that many of you will join us and support Jon and crew for their amazing effort with this film. It would be wonderful if you let me know you will be attending, so I can watch for you and give you a hug afterwards.

Today I will share two new angel babies, both from the Tay Sachs conference. The first is a little guy who was photographed by Sarah Mattingly. This cutie came to the conference as one of the most recently diagnosed. He had a most caring entourage, and it was delightful to see their amazing care and pride in this little guy. Sarah's shots capture his face so beautifully. I had one late night when I was fortunate enough to get to talk to Charles' mom about her journey and the recent diagnosis. You just have to admire these people. You can see that Charles has older sibs who love him very much, was wishing his sister lived near so we could hire her to work with the foundation!

The second dear one is

Caitlin and

she was accompanied by adoring parents and a fun older brother who had a smile that melted you and an impish delight in the whole experience. He would make me smile with his grin and his new tea set that seemed so appropriate in Boston. As with all the families at the conference, I felt such an overwhelming feeling that this child
was being loved and cared for in the most complete and unconditional way.

My wonderful friend and talented photographer, Jeremy Leffel, is just back from a special trip to Texas. He worked with a new angel baby and I am thrilled with the results. This little girl is nearing her second birthday and it's nothing short of a miracle that she is still with us and that her family is planning her second birthday. I just read on her Caringbridge site that they would welcome encouraging birthday wishes. Her actual birthday is early July, but I know if you send a card now it would mean so much as it would be fun to spread out the celebration over the next months. The family will read your card to this beautiful child, who is suffering from Krabbe disease. Her address is Katelyn C. 103 Bruce Street, DeQuincy, LA 70633, just offering a little privacy not showing the last name, but our postal service is great so they will deliver as long as you have the address correct. Here is the darling girl
and I hope you will send her a card.

Keep positive thoughts flowing toward our friend Jessica and her mom as they are still in Children's with Jess fighting off some more complications. They both believe in positive energy and prayer, so lets send that simple request their way as Susan asked for just that kind of support today.

I am trying to keep myself calm as I wait for a phone call to schedule a shoot for yet another young mom friend of mine who is dying from cancer. We need to move the shoot forward as things are not going well, and I will need to juggle times to see this amazing woman before it's too late to capture her sparkling essence. My heart is with this family as well as with another young man who is coming to my studio tomorrow. These souls that come into my life are so dear and so incredibly special that I am honored to be part of their lives.

We are having another work party here tomorrow evening to complete enough albums for the year, hopefully. I am so thankful to family and friends for their help. Now back to the 'work' of my business, really back to the fun of making magic with a simple Nikon and some black and white film!

In love and peace, Lynette