Friday, May 18, 2007

It was a very productive evening here at Soul Ballard. We hosted yet another work party to create the albums and were joined by wonderful friends and supporters. The talented artists who attended created over 40 albums and have many more in various stages of completion. The albums will soon be for sale also on our website. I will let you know when they are available as they are truly lovely.

I am so sorry to say that my shoot with my friend who has inflammatory breast cancer had to be canceled as time had run out. I got the news right before the work party last night and have to admit that I wasn't very productive with the albums. We have a lovely gift of photos from my last shoot with Deana and her girls that we will mail out today. I am so glad to have had time with them when I did, but so very sorrowful that I do not get to see her again.

Again, the documentary film on the work of Soulumination will show on the 4th of June at the Egyptian. The showings begin at 7 with ours somewhere in a lineup of 5. It's very exciting and we now have lovely posters featuring Victor, so if you have places that would hang them please give a call and stop in to pick some up. The Soul line is 206-297-0885. That line is the one to use if you want to refer a family or get further information on volunteer opportunities.

We welcommed a young man to my studio yesterday for Soulumination photos and I have to say that I was smitten from the first moment. Chris reminded me of an interesting version of Will Rogers, with his constant commentary on life and politics and the amazing visions he has had since his battle against a brain tumor. At 18, this wonderful person is full of wit and love and I am so happy to say that he has agreed to sign releases so we can share his story. I wish I owned many acres so that we could set him free in an all-terrain vehicle, as he is so wanting to drive anything--a bike, car, moped, skateboard, minibike--but it's not possible. Chris's dad and I spent the entire shoot laughing, as Chris' insights are so poignant and at the same time so innocent. What a treat it was for me to work with this family. I had worked with Chris' sister when I was doing a little teaching in the photo classroom at Blanchet. She is now a research scientist working in cancer studies. We hope to do some photos of Chris with his sisters when they are in town. Plus Chris has agreed to attend our photo session to promote the Husky Nation CD. We are honored and proud to say that the new Husky QB, Jake Locker, has agreed to join in this project.

Our Soul photographer, Tara Clark, stopped by yesterday with the disc from her shoot and a lovely collage of the photos that she had printed out for the family. Tara did one amazing job and has agreed to record the first birthday celebration for Soul child Alexis Grace. Those of you who have donated recently have received a thank-you note with a shot of Alexis gracing the cover.

We have gotten some news that Soul child Katelyn whom Jeremy worked with in Texas, is in a very precarious state of health. Please keep her in your hearts as she struggles with her Krabbe condition. I am posting another shot of her with her family today so that you can see her face as you send them support.

Today's child from the NTSAD conference is the lovely Molly Grace. Molly and her family were just a delight to work with as everyone obviously wanted to record this little beauty in all her glory. I received the kindest email from her mom yesterday and she really lifted my spirits

. Molly's mom makes the most lovely hair accessories for little girls and sells them to benefit NTSAD. It was so nice to see Molly all decked out in a nautical dress and to know her daddy had been in the Navy, I picture her in his arms and with her stunning mom.

I hope to head to our cabin for a few sunny days. I know time down there brings peace and comfort and a feeling of blessed solitude. In love and peace, Lynette