Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I spent some amazing quiet time on the beach at our cabin on Tuesday and built a tiny shrine in honor of my friend Deena and her daughters. Deena peacefully slipped away on Saturday and I thought I'd make a tiny memorial to her on my favorite rock town on Hartstene. Just some lovely colored rocks and some shells and wildflowers seemed perfect. As I was gathering, I heard the sound of a fish surfacing to feed, and stood and watched that sight for a few minutes, just trying to enjoy the fact that life and nature move in such beautiful ways. While I was examining the lovely flowers of a wild lupine, the loudest sound I heard on that beach was the noise of the bees harvesting from that plant, which was growing from a vertical wall of clay and pebbles. This beach brings me peace and, hopefully, acceptance.

I arrived home to the most lovely email from my friend Vicki's husband Jay, telling a story about the sand in an hourglass, and I know that all is reminding me that as long as memories survive, the person and his or her magic is with us. So the sorrow starts to be balanced with the ongoing presence of each person in my life.

I am happy to report that little Katelyn in Louisana is doing better and it would be lovely for you to send an early birthday card of support and encouragement. Her address again is: Katelyn C. 103 Bruce St. Dequincy LA 70633. She is safely at home and they would love to have cards to read to her.

Today I share two new families from the NTSAD conference. The first little girl is Dakota, who is such a star, as she is a juvenile onset Tay Sachs child and the only living receipient of a cord blood transplant. The transplant was given to slow or stop the progression of the disease. This transplant was done at Duke University and was tried on three other children. Dakota is truly a delight--her smile and vivacious personality lead to many friendships. Her parents are busy creating a new foundation, called The Cure Tay Sachs Foundation. She was photographed by Sarah Mattingly and I am honored to share her work today.

The next wonderful child from the NTSAD conference is Krystie, who is the lovely
daughter of two proud dads. She was a very recent diagnosis and she is just so darned cute. I have heard from Conner's mom that they are opting to try the same type of transplant that Dakota is living with. These dads are such gracious men and their attention to detail with this little darling is just so heartwarming. I was honored to get to hold Krystie one evening and it was such fun to have her melt into my arms.

I spoke early this morning at Sunrise Rotary, which meets near Children's Hospital. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the work of the foundation with such an attentive and supportive group. I know it is sometimes hard for people to take time to really absorb what we are doing, and I am very thankful that people are willing to listen and give thought to the realities of disease and loss in young children and parents.

We are very excited that tomorrow the new Husky quarterback, Jake Locker, will visit us here in Ballard and we will take some new promo shots with Marin and Christopher and (hopefully) Alexis Grace. We are so thankful to Jake for agreeing to take time from his busy schedule to promote the sales of the Husky Nation CD and to our amazing assistant Allison for getting this set up and, last but not least, to Sandi Lappano, who instigated this match-up.

I am showing
another photo of dear Finnley and her parents from a wedding I shot this weekend. We continue to receive donations in honor of her first birthday and we are so thankful to her and her parents. Plus, Finnley's dad will join us tomorrow for the Husky Nation shoot as we hope to start working to make films for a few new families, and Marin and Chris would be so fun for Greg, as he hasn't had the pleasure of filming any of our teenagers.

I close with a shot of my girls and me from Mother's Day in California. Like all parents, I'm amazed to be able to share treasured moments that capture the heart of my family. Thanks to my husband Doug for taking such a fun shot. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette