Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I have been away for a few days and while gone had an overnight with my parents in Sequim. Doug and I will be in California with McKenzie over Mother's Day, so I wanted to have some time with my mom before I left. My parents have been most generous and supportive of Soulumination and have again given a wonderful donation. I am so thankful to have the support of family and friends as we move forward in this work.

Today I share with you another child from the NTSAD conference. This handsome little guy is named George, and he and his parents live in New York City. George was a dreamy guy who was a joy to photograph. After his session, I was in the room where parents could leave their children with a wonderful nursing staff, and there was George, content and smiling in the arms of a lovely volunteer. Both of George's parents had such a complete and obvious bond with their son that Sarah and I both were dazzled as we watched a seizure come on and his dad so expertly step in and touch his son in a way that caused it to subside. Enjoy this wonderful face.

I chatted with Jon Ward, the filmmaker of Portraits of Hope, and in a day or two we should have a confirmed date for the showing at SIFF. I will let you know the time and theater that will show it here in Seattle, and from there will keep you updated as to future showings.

All of the newsletters that our board member Lori Sawyer created have now been mailed with the loving support of our own Soul skateboarder Jess and her mom. Can't resist sharing another Jessica photo in thanks for the hours of work they put in doing this mailing for us.

I attended the first birthday of dear Finnley, who has now raised us some very nice dollars with her parents' loving support. The donations given in honor of her first year truly touch my heart. I share her lovely face as she is one dynamic little donor!

Still going to hound you all to use Good Search for all your internet searches, couldn't be an easier way to help us out and if we can get a network of supporters using this search with Soulumination as the preferred nonprofit benefitting from your searches it will be one less stress in the funding issue. It costs nothing and makes a difference, so please spread the word. Please go to www.goodsearch.com or click to download the GoodSearch toolbar to get started now -http://www.goodsearch.com/toolbars.aspx.

I close as always in love and peace, Lynette