Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Today I start the sharing of the photos from the NTSAD conference. I begin this special sharing today just coincidentally with a family whose mom told me it was her dream to have me record her lovely daughter, but since we live on opposite coasts she wasn't sure how this could happen. With the aid of Conner's Way Foundation it was so wonderful to meet this little beauty and to have time to pillow-fight with big brother Jake. The entire family was so kind and the grandparents were obviously a big part of Emma's support. Emma's dad and I, both being first-timers to the conference, had lots to chat about. We were amazed at the power and scope of the Tay Sachs organization. In time I hope to add lovely Emma to our gallery, so we will be hoping to have a bio from the parents in order for you to read her story. As with all these children, the story has twists that really wrench your heart, but hopefully the telling will lead to people getting tested and having the labs do accurate and complete work.

I also want to share with you a fundraiser that has touched my soul deeply. My assistant, who meets with all our brides, is very dear to me and to my family. Her wonderfully talented husband Greg is the filmmaker who has done work for Blake and Claire's family for Soulumination. I was privileged to shoot their wedding and the birth of their first-born daughter, Finnley. Well, Finnley's first birthday is coming up and we got a most amazing film of her first year and an invitation to come celebrate over cupcakes, but the part that causes me to have such tears of joy is the fact that they ask family and friends to donate to Soulumination in honor of this amazing baby girl. To say thank you for this gesture is too small, I am blessed and honored to have such support, it means the world to me.

I would like to ask all of you to take time to use a wonderful search engine called Good Search, it works like a charm and every time you use it after you have signed up with them, giving Soulumination as your choice of nonprofits, we will receive a penny for each and every search. My thanks to Patty Grazini and Sean Thayer for bringing it to my attention. If you would use it and spread the word, it could make a difference in the legacy of a child's or parent's life, and we would be most grateful.

Today I will work with a new family that is coming to my studio with their four children. Their daughter has had a relapse of her cancer and they are in town waiting for her bone marrow transplant. I can tell it will be a fun and rewarding morning, as the mom was so positive and upbeat on the phone.

Jessica's mom came by to pick up the inserts she needed to complete the mailing of the newsletter. We are seeing the first donations arrive and that warms my heart and lets me realize that we can move forward with confidence.

I leave early tomorrow morning for the drive up to Bellingham, where I will be a speaker at a Mulitdisciplinary Conference of Health Professionals: Defining Quality at End of Life. I am honored to be a part of this conference and I salute my friend Caty for her hard work in putting together this event. I know it was her goal to honor the passing of her father with this outreach. Her family is very dear to my husband and I take this on with special feelings due to this connection.

I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette