Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It was a thrill to come home from another little retreat to our cabin to find that we have been named as a finalist in the documentary film contest in Toronto. There were 12 finalists out of 100 entries from around the world. This seven-minute film features two of our beloved soul children, Charlotte and Victor. We are all excited about the potential of having this out to a larger audience, so my sincere thanks to Jon and his crew for the excellent work and to Victor and Charlotte's families for letting us into their lives.

I hope you all saw our dear Marin on the front page of the Seattle Times on Saturday, March 31. Not only was she featured in the Times, but she recently was featured at the Make A Wish gala fundraiser and also won the Sammamish Courage award. This is the link to the story, which is well worth reading: seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/ localnews/2003644878_marin31e.html?syndication=rss - 41k - Cached - Similar pages.

We have been very busy in the last few days. Randell, Jodi and Jeremy have all completed shoots for us and we have assignments out for Kurt, Michael, Sandra, Christina and numerous more pending. It is so comforting to know that we have talent that can take on shoots and deliver such quality memories for the families of Soulumination. I feel so blessed to have such talent to share this work.

On Tuesday, Randell and I visited her

most recent family and I am honored to have had the privilege of meeting another person recently featured on the cover of the Seattle Times. His article is the following link: seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/ localnews/2003566760_skateboarder11e.html - 47k -. I am posting a photo that Randell captured that day. This wonderful young man is battling ALS and is so obviously one amazing husband and father. Randell was sent to this shoot by Providence Hospice of Seattle and they will use the the photos for telling about the work of this wonderful organization. We provided all the prints for the family as well as gift folders for both sons and the mom and sister-in-law. After seeing how much they loved the folders we will make one for each set of grandparents. You can see David's son sharing his folder with his dad.

I got to see my wonderful friend Jessica and her family last week. The last time I worked with them I met Jess' mom and sister but today I also got to meet her amazing grandparents and two lovely cousins. Jess is doing so very well after this second bone marrow transplant. She is learning to play guitar and just turned 13. You can see her today in all her wild and wonderful glory.

My sincere thanks again to Lori Sawyer as I believe we will have our second newsletter printed and ready to start the mailing process at tomorrow evening's board meeting. Lori has done an excellent job of telling about the work of the past year and giving details of the expansion of our mission.

I received a lovely email from the mother of a recent Soulumination baby girl. This little beauty melted us with her sweet looks and it is so hard to say that she died. It was great that I got to visit this tiny one a second time as she had been taken off all tubes and medical equipment when I returned and now the family has photos of her in her full glory. I hope this mom knows that her kind email today makes this all so tender and I am so thankful for her sweet words. We have sent her release forms and soon I can share her lovely face.

We mailed some very touching photos of a little five-year-old boy that our new photographer, Jodi Rosen, provided for this family. We are so happy to have Jodi with us. She has a lovely demeanor, and with her heart in such a place she is a true asset to our foundation.

Yesterday, I was called to the hospital to work with another family with a SIDS-interrupted baby. Again this one was a beautiful angel baby girl. The extended family and the mom's best friends formed a loving and desperately sad unit to support this young couple. My heart broke for them and I came home all weepy and wrung out. I put on my favorite pink sushi print pjs around nine last night but had to change almost immediately into hospital-appropriate attire as the family called to ask me to return to take some photos with two loving uncles who had been driving for hours to come see their niece and lend support. It was a powerful experience and there were very moving Native American rhythms throughout both times, as one of the grandpas was drumming or chanting these haunting rhythms. I am sorry it took so long to add to the blog, but all seems well now so, I close as always, In love and peace, Lynette