Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th has always had special force for me and this early afternoon I received a call from my friend Brenda that our dear angel Julie Becker had passed today. I am wearing a necklace that Brenda had made me from the charm that each of us who attended Julie's living memorial were given. Of course today would be the very day that an article by Kristin Dizon would be on the front page of the Seattle P-I Life and Arts section featuring a radiant photo of our dear Julie and her youngest child which I am also posting here today. Julie will be missed by so many and celebrated for her amazing spark. We will do our best to honor her life with the expanded work of Soulumination.

I had the most magic visitors on Tuesday and I will be so excited to share photos once they are printed. Our dear Soul child Emily and her sister arrived bright and early attired in the most lovely ballet costumes. Mianna was wearing ballet slippers of course, but Emily in her usual offbeat and fetching way had chosen tap shoes to complete her attire. They proceeded to serenade and dance with the most fetching of attitudes and my heart melted when I thought back two years to the time that Emily's life expectancy was mere months. Emily is cancer-free and is doing so well that we had to wrap up the visit with wild rides on our office chairs through the studio and out into the courtyard. Thank you Deanne Wilson for helping provide the chairs that have served us in many more ways than the designers had intended.

We are so excited that a local business offered to print our second newsletter at an amazing price. You will soon be receiving yours if you are on our current mailing list. If you would like to receive this yearly missive and are not on the list please email us your address. Keep in mind that your newsletter will be folded, addressed and stamped by our dear Soul mom and daughter, Jessica and Susan. They have so generously offered to stuff and mail every one of these newsletters while they are living at Ronald McDonald House.

We have maintained enough capital to run this foundation without major fundraisers and I so hope you will consider backing us again this year as we forge into the new territory of adult photos. Jeremy Leffel's photos of one amazing family in the Auburn area are being delivered to them in the next few days, and Randell Walton just completed another job with a family we will be working with to assemble their gifts next week. I wait for two calls from Children's Hospital and we are currently helping to locate a photographer for a family in Texas. Kurt Smith and Christina Mallet are working with families to find a time when their assigned children are well enough to be photographed. Sandra Coan and Michael Good are both taking part in special shoots with one young couple who are expecting in the coming year. Your support is vital to our continuation and we hope to be able to fund a major portion of the year's work with donations received from this mailing. Please know that each donation, regardless of the amount, is welcome, and is so important to the families of Soulumination. We had increased postage this year, as the newsletter is coming to you in an envelope, but Lori Sawyer's husband is so kindly paying the difference in that postage. This type of generosity makes me so thankful.

I will be visiting my own Llewelyn tomorrow and hopefully she will join me for a little time at our cabin before she leaves for Europe. I am sharing a recent photo today of Lew with Memo. Please keep him in your heart as we await news; he may be recalled to duty in Iraq. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette