Monday, April 16, 2007

Coming home from the cabin I stopped to see my Lulu one more time before she flies to Europe for a month with her best friends. I do not get to see her off as I will be in the Boston area at the National Tay Sachs Family Conference. This trip and the work that will be done by myself and Sarah Mattingly has received funding from Connor's Way Foundation. I met and worked with Connor and his family when I was in Washington, DC, to open the Collection showing at the Children's Hospital. Connor's mom, Desiree, is a tireless worker for the cause of Tay Sachs. I so look forward to this trip and to meeting the amazing families that will be attending with their lovely angel babies. Connor will be in my heart as his life has led me to this conference. He is pictured here today with his mom.

I share today photos of the lovely baby, Rhylee. I have written about her recently and soon she will be on our gallery. She is a SIDS Interrupted baby who passed away recently. Her mom so kindly agreed to let us share her story and her beautiful face with all of you.

Jessica and her mom, Susan, are busy stuffing envelopes for the newsletter. I am hoping that they can soon join Doug and me for dinner as a little thank you for all this hard work. Doug has not had the pleasure of meeting my favorite Buddha so I am hoping that they will be over to help us celebrate Lulu's 21st since she will be doing her own celebrating in Europe.

As I drove home today, my mind kept wandering from the loss of my friend Julie to today's senseless murders in Virginia. I am trying to find that place in my heart to stay loving and open through such loss, and today's tragedy adds a dimension of disbelief. I so badly want to reach out to make some small difference to the families that lost their loved ones, but it's so hard to imagine what could matter except to move forward in the work of Soulumination and put out to the universe that I care and that my heart fills with sorrow and love for the families. In love and peace, Lynette