Thursday, March 15, 2007

Today I say a public farewell to a dear baby boy named Mercer. I met this little guy a few weeks back at Children's and I am so sorry to say that he has passed away. He is a twin and also has a wonderful older brother. His parents are such warm and caring people that I felt so comfortable and welcome in the hospital setting. I was honored to present Mercer's mom the bracelet that is a gift from the foundation while we were both visiting Charlotte during her hospital stay last week. I will be out of town during Mercer's memorial service but my heart will be with them. I am sharing two photos with you today, one of Mercer with his dad and his twin and the other of Mercer yawning that makes me smile. There was something magic about Mercer and I know that his presence will remain fresh in so many hearts. In having met this family I realize that this work is surrounded by grace. Please keep them in your hearts as we can imagine that the days, months and years ahead will find them missing him sorely.

Tomorrow I speak to the Washington Funeral and Cemetary Directors Conference in Redmond. A number of our Soul families have given me words of advice to share and I feel honored to be asked to help the people attending this conference in understanding how to better serve families.

I will leave tomorrow to spend some time at our cabin, but right now we are preparing for our biggest work party yet. We will be making the albums and trifolds that are gifts to the families, creating more of our lovely 'Sydney' cards and cutting out fabric to make the covers for the trifolds. We are also welcomming a new volunteer today from Bellevue High School, Alley. She is an aspiring photographer and has experianced a recent loss. We are so happy to welcome her to the work of Soulumination. Today we also had the pleasure of help from Alison our wonderful helper that is a premed student at the U. Its great being surrounded by young talent and tonight promises to bring Brenna and Alexandra and tomorrow Claire.

I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette