Saturday, March 10, 2007

Its been a week of hanging onto hope and realizing that acceptance is another key to growing in this work of Soulumination. I spent time at Children's Hospital yesterday without my camera, which is a new situation for me. My dear friend Charlotte is an inpatient right now and I got to spend time with her always amazing mother, grandmother, aunt and great uncle. Charlotte's family is built of love and devotion and to see them all surrounding her with the magic of all this is so beautiful. But the moment that moved me even more was when another Soul mom came down from the Intensive Care unit to have some time with Charlotte and Angie. To see these two utterly beautiful Soul moms embracing and crying was a sight that will stay etched on this heart. Angie has a way of helping others while being so attentive to her own daughter. This new friendship is on built on Angie's volunteering to advise and guide other parents of newly vented children. Please keep these two moms in your hearts as their current journeys are so rough. Charlotte having recently starred in our new documentary film, Portraits of Hope, is such a fighter that I am holding huge hope that she will be in her loving home soon and that my own husband will be visiting shortly to advise on some changes to Charlotte's room.

I want to salute our wonderful supporter Sandi Lappano. She has worked tirelessly for us promoting the Husky Nation CD. She moves forward quietly but purposefully and always with a radiant smile. She is now working to introduce me to the new young quarterback at UW. This young man was recently featured in a beautiful story in the P-I about his friendship with a little boy who has a brain tumor. Sandi tells me this young man is incredibly talented in football, but that he is a human being of the highest quality. I will hope he is willing to lend a little hand to move the Husky Nation CD forward.

In addition to her work with Husky Nation, Sandi was the person who recommended us as the highlighted foundation at the fundraiser last night that was put on by an amazing organization called W2O. This group of four women hosted an event last night that knocked me out. Board members Lori Sawyer and Kelley Myers both attended and we agree that these women have a model for fundraising that is so unique and well planned that we must integrate it into other communities and neighborhoods. They invite women to a lovely evening with some food, dessert and wine and just let them mingle and have a wonderful evening, but they suggest a $25 donation to the cause they have selected. They have informed me also that they will write each attendee a thank you note. The beautiful home that we visited was filled with women within minutes after our arrival and the love and support was so touching. I spoke only briefly but dozens of women spoke with us and gave input and told us that they had been invited and liked the idea so much that they had brought friends. To be at a fundraiser that everyone in attendance really wanted to be included was novel instead of that dragging of husbands and friends to something that is going to be just another in a long line of dreaded commitments was so amazing. There was no pressure to out bid or out shine in any way and the guests were laughing and having such a wonderful time. It was amazing to see two of my former brides and other clients in the mix and to realize how many people attended dear Blake's memorial and how many people know my vivacious and inspiritng friend, Lisa Files.

I show Lisa and I here today in a photo taken recently by her sister, Andrea. When I met Lisa she was bald from her chemo that was fighting off her breast cancer and she is a woman that moves me to my core and has helped inspire me to move forward with the expansion of Soulumination. Lisa was instrumental in bringing dear Ellie Jo and Marin into the 'family' of Soulumination. I am pleased to say that our wonderful attorney, Heather Roy thinks that we will soon be set with the IRS to move forward with the new direction for Soulumination where we will work with parents that are at the end of this life's journey as a gift to the children that will be left without this parent.

We will soon officially welcome Randell Walton to the board of Soulumination. She has been doing work with hospice groups and will help to move us forward. Randell's presence is already treasured by Sarah and myself and I so look forward to officially moving her onto this board. These next weeks are very busy as we have a work party here next week, I speak at the Washington Cemetary and Funeral Workers conference, we are having a meeting of all the Soul photographers, the newsletter is close to being completed, we are waiting to hear about 2 new Soul children and we have a board meeting in April as well as my speaking engagment at the End of Life Care event in Bellingham and the presentation with Sarah Mattingly at the National Tay-Sachs and Related diseases conference. I will let you know when the documentary, now called Portraits of Hope, is accepted into the SIFF and when and where you can view this wonderful piece by Jon Ward and his voluteer crew. So after all this news, I want to remind you to hold our families in your hearts and I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette