Saturday, March 03, 2007

I have dreamed of a documentary film of the work of Soulumination and the first one has just been filmed by one amazing man named Jon Ward and his wonderful crew. He is participating in a contest for a documentary film festival in Toronto. One hundred film makers around the world were given a topic on Friday which must be filmed in four days. He called on Friday at 1:00 to ask if we would be interested and arrived here at 3:30 that day to do the first filming. Last night he and his crew spent time with me at Charlotte's home and tonight were here with me in my studio with Victor and his parents. I will get to view the end result sometime late on Tuesday after the finished piece is mailed in on Monday. One of the hopes is that this five-minute documentary will show at the next Seattle Film Festival. Keep this project in your hearts and let's hope Jon wins for his work on such a sensitive and heartfelt subject. I am showing a couple of photos he was gracious enough to take for me after he finished filming Charlotte. In a few days I will get to share photos of myself with my pal Victor. When I opened the disc of the photos he had taken of me with Charlotte, I got a bit of the feeling that our Soul families get when they receive their images. I will treasure these images.

I met a new young man at Children's this past week and had such a fun time. I left laughing and knowing that his little guy is one heck of a fighter, and that there is every reason to think he will beat cancer a second time. After this wild and fun shoot I got to visit my lovely skateboarder friend, Jessica. Wow, she is another one who has spunk and fire and is forging through her second bone marrow transplant. She looks great and was playing her ukelele. Keep Jess and her mom in your prayers- this is a request coming directly from them and I know I can count on Soul supporters to follow through.

Just a week ago my dear husband hosted a celebration here in Ballard at which I was thrilled to get to tell some of the women in my life just what they mean to me. This studio is still vibrating with love and support and I will never forget that thrill of having my daughters with me to experience such open caring and sharing. I am indeed blessed.

Almost daily, new volunteers offer their support. We are so thankful for all of you. Nothing goes unnoticed, and whether you help as a photographer, or at one of the work parties making the beautiful gifts, or if you write grants for us, sit on the board, write thank-you notes, give cash donations, give inkind donations, or come in to help out in the office, you are loved and you make a difference. In love and in peace, Lynette