Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I have been away at my cabin taking some much needed time to be alone and do some quiet thinking. We have lost two lovely babies in the past few days, Mercer that I mentioned on the last blog and now a beautiful little girl that was pictured in the Everett newspaper in a beautiful shot taken by Michael Good. Both of the families have mentioned Soulumination in their suggested places to give in memory and that is such a great honor. We will move forward to honor new families and always keep these special angels in our hearts. I am sharing another photo of dear Mercer here today.

While at the cabin I finally took time to read a wonderful book called Star Child by Jennifer Martin and a manuscript for a children's book by my dear brother David called a Dragon's Tale. Both of these readings brought tears for the accomplishments of these special people, to put words from your heart into the world is such a moving thing. I am so proud of both and I feel that many will be moved and healed in different ways from these lovely efforts.

The work party here last week is still so fresh in my mind. Everyone who came was special and so very much was accomplished. Many attending brought paper that was so fresh and beautiful that the new albums and trifolds will be wonderful to present. Its always fun when summer starts to approach as it brings my friends from Japan who supply us papers that wow us everytime. These gift to the families are such treasures that I want to be sure that everyone who has a hand in the creations knows that they make a difference with the gift of their time and talent.

We welcome Tammara Stroud to Soulumination as our newest helper, she will be working a few hours each week and will be coordinating the December artist show and sale along with volunteer and wonderful artist, friend, Kari Bishay. We hope the finances of this event will be handled by our long time supporter Amber Wong. Amber has stuck with us from the beginning of Soul and we know that she would be amazing to head this task.

Big news is that our attorney and friend, Heather Roy is drafting a letter to the IRS explaining the new course of Soulumination. Since we had already outlined future work with adults in the first application, we do not need to reapply and can move forward with this phase of the project. Our newest board member, Randall Whalton completed a shoot on Friday for a family and we can now present gifts and the shoot through the foundation. I am thrilled. We are meeting with all the Soul shooters on Thursday and will move into this new phase with incredible support and outstanding local talent.