Monday, March 05, 2007

I am very excited to get to have a viewing of the documentary film tomorrow evening. I am putting up this short blog to share a few more photos from the filming time, one with my pal Victor and the other with Charlotte's family. Jon has given me such a precious gift of these photos.

Our wonderful board member and newsletter editor, Lori Sawyer, is joining me on Friday for a very special fundraiser on the East Side. There will hopefully be around 100 women who attend and they are coming in support of Soulumination. It will be an honor to meet some new people and to have time to chat about the work of the foundation. I am so hopeful that lovely Marin's mom will be able to attend.

I have been in touch with Brenda who keeps me informed of how dear Julie is doing as the days wind down in this life for her. I know we are nearing the end and it's hard to think of my beautiful friend no longer being with us. I mailed her a little collage today of a few shots from her living memorial. I will miss her and I salute her.

I am also posting a shot of my dear McKenzie with my birthday mate and great friend Anne Cunningham from the recent celebration that my husband hosted. I am sure you can tell it's all about visuals today. I have been a bit down, and sharing helps to lighten the spirit. In love and peace, Lynette