Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I am so pleased to share with you a new Soulumination child named Hudson. He was recently photographed by Soul photographer, Sandra Coan. He is 19 months old and had an extremely rare and canceraous brain tumor. He will soon be shown on the gallery but I wanted to show his wonderful face here today.

It was a pleasure to work with a new Soul family last Friday. We laughed and had such a wonderful time. I had heard about this wonderful graduating senior from her sister about 3 months ago and had been eager to record this vivacious and captivating young woman. She was referred to us by our dear volunteer, Claire and her mom. I am eagerly awaiting the prints as I felt such wonderful warmth radiating from this family shich included her three sisters, her parents , her nephew and brother in law.

We are currently putting together the gifts for a new Soul family that Randall recently photographed. This young father is fighting ALS and his smile and wonderful spirit come through brilliantly in Randall's work. I am hoping to visit this family with her when we deliver the photos and gifts.

I was scheduled to visit the hospital today for a beautiful baby girl that I had heard about through Sydney's family and friends. We are on hold while the medical team works through some issues but I know this little gem will be so radiant and it will be my honor to work with them. I hope that when I visit Children's next I can have a little time with dear Jessica, as its her 13th birthday on Wednesday. Her next shoot will include her sister who will be visiting during spring break. I will share the dynamic duo when the session is completed.

We are blessed to have so much support. I feel the future of Soulumination is going to show such growth and strength with all the loving comittment I see around this work. Last night I got to host 2 lovely young women who lost their mom just one year ago. They are my dear friend Sidni's nieces and I just feel that their presence helps ground me in this new work with adults. Our new volunteer Alley is coming in today and she is living example of how we can serve young people who lose their parents. We are graced also with the presence of Deb Bluestein who is working diligently to get our books under great control. In love and peace, Lynette