Thursday, February 08, 2007

Spend a restless night just not able to really sleep as I found out that one of my beautiful brides, a lovely friend, has lost her battle with cancer. Vicki Piha Ashberg married my friend Jay and I have been their family photographer, which means I have had the ultimate pleasure of recording their beautiful wedding and watching them parent one magic little boy named Mitchell. I met Jay at a wedding and we hit it off and over his courtship with Vicki I have worked with both of their families. My heart breaks with this loss, of course, and it shows me that indeed the expansion of Soulumination into working with parents of young children at the end of the parent's life is indeed the right path to take. I am so happy that I got to see Vicki in November and record the three of them. My heart is with her family, as I so admire her parents and chuckle when I think of her sister and her husband as they always bring such joy into my life. So Vicki, my dear friend, this new work of Soulumination will keep you close to my heart, and I know you are so loved and so missed. Minutes after I heard the news of this loss, the doorbell rang and another Vic in my life was arriving for some updated Soulumination photos. It seemed like a little nod from Vicki that the work is something important. When Vicki first told me of her illness, she said it was discovered in the loss of her own angel baby and that the loss of her second child was when the doctors discovered the cancer. I am posting a photo today of Vicki and Jay at their wedding, and in looking at this I realize that Vicki looked just as beautiful in the years after her wedding as she did on this enchanted day.

So I proceed today with so many tears and such sadness but determined to be available to families to give them photos to help create a lasting legacy. I am so excited to welcome all the new photographers who have suddenly been emailing to offer their services. We are blessed to welcome Maude May as a volunteer admistrator and coordinator for some of this foundation work. She and Deb our new bookkeeper are just such boosts to Sarah and me here in the office. This project continues to be guided by the grace of the work and the lovely souls that seem to watch over us.
I am excited to share with y
ou lovely Alexis Grace. She is shown here today and will soon be in our gallery. I met her a few months back when she had a full head of dark hair, but you see her today bald and radiant in amazing photos by my friend and Soul photographer Tara Clark. Alexis' mom is understandably delighted by the outcome of this photo shoot! I thank her for allowing us to share her lovely daughter, who is battling liver cancer.

Today I joyfully introduce you to my new friend Marin. This young lady knocks my socks off with her radiance and just angelic air. She is 16 and battling a brain tumor. I wrote about her in a previous blog, as she and her family lit up my studio and courtyard with their wonderful ways. Marin is learning to knit and taking a photo class, and of course those activities are two of my most favorites. So enjoy the loveliness of both Alexis and Marin and hold them in your hearts as they continue to show us all how to meet great challenges head on with such unbelievable strength and beauty. In love and peace, Lynette