Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It seems to be always something to keep us busy here in Ballard. Things are rich and full of life's ups and downs. I photographed 2 beautiful weddings this weekend and as always people chat with me about the work of Soulumination. With the recent article about the expansion of the mission in the Seattle P-I, it brings the work of Soul right to the forefront in people's minds. Kristen Dizon did a wonderful job of explaining where we are with the project right now. I do want to say just how radiant my friend Vicki was at her last visit here at my studio, granted it was hard for her to walk but she just kept her amazing love shining first and foremost and never let her own struggle deter her from being an amazing parent, wife and friend. My friend Julie is still at home and being lovingly cared for with the help of her amazing friends and with hospice support. If you missed the article you can read it here on the site by going to "News".

I will share today current photos of my little pal Victor. He is such a dear and handsome little guy and since he lives nearby I hope to pop over sometime when he is really in a playful mood. Doug and I spent time again with our young friend Sarah and her mom. This time Doug bowled with Sarah and then we went to Cupcake Royale, all before dinner time last night, life is fun when you don't follow the rules so much!

I got the sad news that we had lost a dear baby girl this week. Please hold her parents in your hearts as she was their only child and she was such a lovely reflection of them. When I met this family I just felt such warmth and devotion. Another of our new little ones is fighting his way through the recovery from a major surgery so enegy sent his way would be lovely also. His family is another one that just shows the essence of unconditional love. I worked with a third lovely baby last week and got an opportunity to see her a second time without all the tubes and I am anxiously awaiting those prints as even the ones with all the gear show her radiant beauty.

We have a number of possible shoots on our radar and are excited to welcome new photographers and volunteers into Soulumination. Things are definately moving forward and one small thing that left me beaming in all the hubbub was a phone message from our dear friends the Behrens----Emily and Mianna were singing me a rowdy and wonder version of Happy Birthday. It seems impossible but its been 2 years now since I first met Emily and she is free and clear of cancer. No one could ask for a lovelier gift. My own daughters will be home this weekend to celebrate another great year of middle age life so blessing abound. In love and peace, Lynette