Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I just want to let you all know that both Annie's Art and Frame and Moonphoto in Greenwood continue to be such heroes in the work of Soulumination. I encourage you to support these two businesses that have been supplying gifts of beautiful enlarged prints (Moonphoto) and custom frames for each of our Soul families. We are so thankful for their generosity, and they deserve kudos and our support for being so generous. If you visit either of these fine establishments please give them an extra pat on the back.

I had the absolute pleasure of watching Channon and family tell about their experience at Children's Hospital last Saturday night at the Eleanor Henry Reed Guild Fundraiser. Both girls were absolutely radiant, with Erva and Chris sharing such heartwarming words. I am proud to have been of service to this family and am so thankful for the service they give to others. They have been very generous with time and donations, making sure that others receive photographs and support. It was Chris that set the wheels in motion for me to meet my dear friend Francisco. The Hopsons live their life in such a way that it is no wonder that Channon is a little fighter and a radiant miracle in our midst.

I must share the great news that dear Emily is now in remission and is totally off chemo. When I met her two years ago on my birthday, there was no hope she would live until summer. She met Channon here in my courtyard this summer and they are beacons of hope for other families.

I hope to see a little friend of mine tonight over at McDonalds here in Ballard. She is one of our dear children with epilepsy, and Doug and I are both very fond of this kid. Tomorrow night, handsome Victor will be over for some updated shots that I will share with all of you. Check out the gallery to read more about his battle with epilepsy.

My dear friend Sarah Mattingly and I are definately on board to present the work of Soulumination at the National Tay-Sachs and Related Disease Family Conference in April. I will fly to Boston and we will send a portion of the Soulumination Collection on ahead to be displayed at the conference. We will get to meet and record the children and families that are part of this very solid foundation that supports the Tay-Sachs families.

I also got the poster for a Conference on end of life care that will also be held in April in Bellingham. I am presenting along with Stuart Farber, MD, Denise Dudzinski, PhD, MTS, James Green, PhD, and Renee Katz, PhD, MSW. I am honored to be part of this conference for health care professionals. Our own dear Hailey, who is indeed a survivor, was chosen to have her photo featured as an example of the work that we do here at Soulumination. Again, check out Hailey on our gallery to just remind yourself of her spunk. I am posting her delightful face her today.

We are beginning the process of adding to our mission with the help of our attorney, Heather Roy. Heather is a friend of Emily's and volunteered her services shortly after we first met Em. I am so thankful to her for sticking with us. Today we added a wonderful new volunteer who came to us through the recommendation of Zoe Bartlett. Deb Bluestein will be doing all of our bookwork and I can tell this successful and vibrant businesswoman, owner of Modeles, will be so perfect to get us up to speed in our new Quickbooks program. I also want to mention that I had a new group of volunteers over yesterday to make the lovely trifolds that are a gift to each family. They were so amazing, and I had the best time working with them. They offered to take all the supplies home to help keep us stocked, and I am so grateful. The photos from the recent shoots by Susan and Tara arrived today and I am so pleased and proud of their lovely work. I must run to fix some dinner before McDonalds as their fare is just not on the diet of two middle-aged business owners! In love and peace, Lynette