Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Todays photos are in tribute to my beautiful friend Julie and to the feelings that surrounded the time I spent with her on Friday. I think the shots I am posting say so much about the care and compassion we all felt that day and about the sorrow over her leaving us. I am so thankful that she and her sisters, mom, and best friends trusted me to record this time and that her sister Sandra took the photos shown here, for me to treasure. The celebration of Julie's life that I recorded on Saturday was remarkable, and the love and compassion carried me home with the feeling that Julie's children will always know that their mom was special indeed.

On Saturday I worked with a new Soul family here at my studio and I had the most wonderful time meeting the beautiful women who surround lovely Stella. During the shoot, Stella slipped away from her family and found me loading film, and gave me the nicest little secret hug. This little girl lives with a very rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. I heard about the charming Stella while having a New Years supper at our neighbor's house. My new friend Robin was there also and she was gracious enough to set up the shoot and come with the family to help out.

My sincere thanks to Michael Good for taking time to visit a family I had worked with at Children's hospital. Due to snow, the dad was not able to make it to that photo shoot, so Michael graciously agreed to travel to their home to get those much desired father/daughter shots. He shared one with me this morning and they are lovely indeed. Our wonderful photographers, Sandra Coan and Susan Doupe, each have shoots this coming weekend and I have a new family today and one on Thursday. I must get more chores done this morning as angel baby Joey's mom is coming over to work on some art projects using the Joey photos to make gifts for her family.

This afternoon our intern Brenna and Maude May will start working together and we welcome a new volunteer, Zoe Bartlett, on Thursday, who will work to set some quidelines and strategy for the coming years. I am so thankful to have so many helpers with such heart. Our dear friend Jenni Wilson is again taking on our tax accounting work and we are so thrilled to have her expertise and calm guidance. I thank in advance my board members for joining me tomorrow to go over the budget for the coming year.

We are currently looking to hire someone one day per week to do all the daily book work for Soulumination as well as writing thank-you notes to donors. We use the QuickBooks program along with some Excel spreadsheets, and we need someone who is dependable and loves to keep a tidy and complete set of books. Being a nonprofit, the pay isn't huge, but we offer flexible hours and an atmosphere that is fun and loving and supportive. We hope to find someone who will take this on with a passion and stick with us through many years. I know there must be many wonderful people who would like to be helping out this foundation with their skills, so please let them know and they can email us at Lynette@soulumination.org.

Keep our families in your hearts as we move into 2007 with many new faces. In love and peace, Lynette