Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One of the nicest things about the start of this year was the call from my mom saying she had reread the information that came with the cards (the 'Sydney cards,' as I call them) I put in her stocking. Those notes explain the project that Sydney and I did, resulting in these fun notecards. She said that she was so proud of Soulumination and that she was thrilled that I was her daughter. My mom has been plagued by so many health problems that our time with her on Christmas Eve left all of us very concerned. She is at home but hooked to a heart monitor that transmits information to the hospital so they can try to see the exact cause of some of the concerns. So, with her amazing support both financially and spiritually of Soul, I was thinking that if any of you would like to do something that would be grand for me, you might consider sending her a little card. I mail some little piece of art to my parents nearly every day, and they love that, and my mom truly loves Hallmark type cards that are little pick-me-up kind of missives. So if you should feel inclined, I would just be so thankful. She'd love to know briefly how you know about the work of Soulumination, or even just how you know me. Her address is: Lynette's mom at 290 Hereford Lane, Sequim, WA 98382. I am having you address it this way after hearing about many senior citizens having identity issues that affect them financially; plus I bet she'd get a kick out of that mode of address. If you are comfortable emailing me and I know you and you want her name, please just email and ask. She is pictured here today with her granddaughters, Tina, McKenzie and Llewelyn, and a cheery little line would be so thoughtful.

As I anticipated, the meeting with our new family, parents of a beautiful son who was stillborn, left me with a heavy heart but such admiration for this lovely couple. I told them I would surely love their dads, as those two men so wonderfully recorded that grandson of theirs. I am hoping to present the dad with the lovely piece of jewelry created by Denise, mother of Blake, under the tutelage of Karen, our gracious former jewelry supplier. Four new bracelets arrived yesterday, the first of many to be created by Denise in memory of Blake. You can see Blake and read his story in the gallery of this Soulumination site.

We are so pleased to say that Susan Doupe is all set to go out for her first Soulumination photo shoot. We had word of a little boy in Gig Harbor whose family would like our services, and this will be a great way for a wonderful talent to join the work of Soulumination.

I am going to Children's today for a shoot with another new family, and I hear the mom has a lovely tiny pink satin dress all picked out for the photos. I will also deliver photos to our most recent family, awaiting a donor match for a bone marrow transplant. Their photos show so many fetching smiles on the face of their son.

I once again thank those clients of mine who have so generously supported Soulumination financially. Each time a donation arrives, it truly knocks me out. Yesterday we received a lovely donation from clients of our dear friend Sarah Mattingly. She is our hero in the Washington, DC, area. Sarah not only set up the show in DC but she now shoots in our name on the East Coast while waiting for the Children's hospital to complete all the work to create their own "foundation." We also received an amazing donation in honor of the life of our dear Trevor. I sincerely thank each parent who has so kindly mentioned Soulumination as a recepient in their child's memorial. This type of honor is of such a heartfelt nature that I feel our little project has the strong grace that will lead to more and more service to families desiring beautiful memories. I close feeling humbled and protected, in love and peace, Lynette