Saturday, December 09, 2006

What an amazing thing to be here in my silent office with the beauty of the work of such amazing artists awaiting in the studio space and spilling into this room! I thank all the people who have worked so many hours to create such lovely things. I am so thankful for a staff that worked so hard to pull this off. Christine Garrigan is a blessing to Soulumination. She has not had a day off this week and has been gracious, efficient, and still has her wonderful sense of humor. My good friend Joan came over and helped so much with displays. Sarah found time to come help wrap things up after working her main job at Moonphoto. My sister-in-law Sally added her most welcome hard work to help us finalize the displays. Thanks also to the Safeway by UVillage for bag donation and to Passage Events, who works with Starbucks, and is providing coffee drinks for this fundraiser. Cookies started arriving yesterday and many more volunteers are delivering homemade cookies for today and tomorrow's guests.
Life is good here early in the morning as I can reflect on all the love that surrounds this project.
I heard from Jess' mom that they will be back in Seattle very soon for a second bone marrow transplant for our spunky girl. I am planning on visiting them with camera in hand to update shots of this amazingly strong person. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season as they move forward.
I will see my new friend Emily again this coming week as she is doing so much better; last visit we couldn't get a smile out of her. Her grandma is kind enough to make the effort to return so we can round out her photo collection from Soul. Blake's mom is moving ahead with her project to make our moms the lovely jewelry once again.
I start to look toward the New Year and I see that I have some wonderful speaking opportunities coming up. I also reflect this time of year on all that has happened and all that will happen with this work. I am tearful often, as it's hard not to miss the little friends I have made, and more powerful is the fact that what I feel is sorrowful, but so small compared to what each family must face. I will most likely see many of our Soul families this weekend, and so many feelings that are held inside when so much is expected of me on my normal daily shooting schedule come tumbling out.
Since I don't shoot this month I am without my business clients to help me center and I find myself slipping into moments where loss overwhelms me and I fall in tears.
Both of my daughters are home and sleeping and even that sets me into a state of tearful pride. I salute my husband of 28 years as he has been so patient and so helpful throughout all of this emotional rollercoaster. So here's to tears that soften and heal the nicks on my soul. I am closing with one of my favorite shots that launched this ship. Joey will forever be our angel baby and today as people enter I will know that the stones of Jeruselum will be trod by many others that he helped show me how to serve, in peace and love, Lynette