Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It was an eventful day yesterday as we move toward the opening of the Artist Sale this weekend. I spoke at the Mercer Island Rotary Club about the work of Soulumination and was most impressed by the work done by this group of devoted citizens. I thank them for their food bank donation in my name...what a wonderful tradition! I was asked to speak by my long-term client/friend Stuart Scarff and was delighted to also see another client/friend, Ron Bayley, in the group. Thank you Stu for thinking of this foundation.
Our assistant met yesterday with a new mom to our foundation who lost her dear baby about six months ago. We will take the photos she has, as well as her ultrasound, and work to enhance them and make some gifts for her that will help her preserve the few images she has. Unfortunately, I was not called to do a shoot for them, so we are working with the images that some caring nurse took the love and time to produce.
We are also ready to deliver the photos that Michael Good created at a shoot in Everett with a new family whose child was stillborn just recently. Thank you Michael for your amazing abilities. He spent six hours with this family and the results are simply beautiful.
I went to Children's first thing today to meet up with our wonderful friend Andrew and his mom. Andrew is in for his regular scans and tests. I was priveleged to accompany them to his first few appointments and got to see firsthand what it's like to be a patient at Children's. I hope to go with them to his next series of tests with camera in hand. I had a little gift for him from the Husky Football team, thanks to our 'hero', Alex Mercier. Alex has gotten approval from the Husky basketball coaches to expand Husky Nation into their seasons. Once we get final approval, we will have t-shirts made with the Husky Nation and Soulumination logos. We are hoping that with this marketing, the Artist Show, our newsletter, local grants, and generous supporters, we can haveenough funds to answer each and every request as well as launch new showings of the Collection.
I am showing a photo of a piece of art today by Patti Bezzo who will be part of the festivities this weekend.
Last evening I received a photo from Taryn's parents. It was her birthday, and this charming photo shows the card I sent that our own intern Brenna makes for each child's birthday. It made me laugh to see Taryn's smiling face. Love that girl!
Hope to see you all this weekend for the sale, and I wish to thank Miller Pollard for donating bags for this sale. Many of our Soul families are planning on attending and I am very touched that I will get to see them at this holiday time.