Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I just finished a shoot for a beautiful new Soul child named Emily. I met Emily weeks ago when she came for her first photos, but that evening she was having such a rough time that I invited her back now that she is more chipper. I will post shots from the first session as she has such a lovely face that it's nice to share her this holiday season. We will soon have her bio and more photos up on our gallery, so in a few weeks watch for her full story. She is in stage 4 neuroblastoma as well as having the rare condition called Joubert's syndrome.
The sale this weekend was a wonderful success. The quality of the work was so incredible and the artists themselves are so kind and supportive of the work. We will host this event again next year and it will coincide with the Ballard Art Walk again, so that will be the second Saturday in December 2007. We are looking for high-quality garden art to show and sell pieces from our courtyard next year. We had such a strong group of volunteers who handled all the sales and baked so many great holiday cookies for our guests. We are thankful to all and hope to see an even bigger turnout next year. We were blessed with the presence of two of our delightful Soul children, Emily B and Victor, as well as the families of a number of Soul families. A number of friends left wonderful donation checks in addition to purchasing items, and I am so thankful for their consideration
I attended a party on Saturday that was hosted by one of our champions, Mona Locke. At the party I was so thrilled to see 'our' cameraman from the first piece that was aired about Soulumination. Randy touched my heart with his amazing skill and really worked to capture the heart of the mission. I am happy to say that we are now finally emailing and I am hopeful that Randy will be able to do a follow-up to his first inspired piece. Thanks again to all the amazing reporters, cameramen, and photographers who have so lovingly shed light on a subject that in the past was so hidden. Each of them saw the beauty in the children and the love in the families and made it possible for Soulumination to start to broaden our scope. Blessings to all of you in this holiday season and always.
We are working out the details for a larger Husky Nation shoot as we are excited to hear that both basketball teams are on board and that at a recent football recruiting day the CD was playing as prospective players and their families entered the stadium. We sold more CDs at the sale and have seen a steady request for them from Paypal customers. We are so excited to expand and we are very hopeful of getting an intern from the U to help run this wonderful project. If you know of a student in business, marketing, or nonprofit fields that would be interested, please let him or her know that we are listed on Husky Jobs.
I have spoken to a number of social workers, nurses, and hopsice folks in the last few days and I know we will be hearing from new families soon. Keep these families and their precious little ones in your hearts. I close tearfully, waiting for our photographer and friend Jeremy, as my gratitude sometimes overwhelms me and in the beautiful sun of this December day I say to all of you that I couldn't be more thankful. In love and peace, Lynette