Saturday, December 30, 2006

As the new year approaches, I am thinking that this little foundation has come into public awareness to such a degree that we may see as many as 100 new families in 2007. My heart breaks a little at this thought, and I wonder how it will all unfold. Even though I don't personally do all the shoots, I see and edit all the photos and usually have some kind of comunication with each new family, even if only through their social workers. But I am hoping that this lovely quote I recently read on a card sent to me by Hudson's family will help carry me through: "Nobody has ever much a heart can hold." I do know that I have another retreat planned in a couple of weeks to our cabin, which generally turns into a time for reflection and quiet. The kind of loving emails that arrive from so many caring people have been such a boost, and I thank you all who have supported this work for helping us to reach a new level of service.

I am going to Children's Hospital on Thursday to work with a new family. I hope to do updates for our dear Jess when she arrives for her second transplant. It will be great to see her with hair this time! I am waiting to do photos for a graduating senior and a grade school student in Gig Harbor. All this is possible through the loving support of so many amazing donors.

We are working with my friend in California who is doing some touch-up work on photos of a beautiful baby boy who was recently stillborn. I am thrilled with the results and am so thankful that my McKenzie introduced me to this talented artist, Karen, when she first enrolled at Cal Poly. This is the second time Karen has stepped in to work her magic on shots taken at such a devastating time. We should all be thrilled that Adobe has created a vehicle that allows such wonderful possibilities.

Blake's wonderful mom, Denise, has been hard at work learning to make the wonderful bracelets originally donated by Karen Trimble of Got Charm. Denise and Karen have gotten together and now the knowledge of how to create these lovely gifts has been passed into the safekeeping of Denise, and we are happy to be awaiting the first efforts. The bracelets will be done in honor of Blake, and his own savings are funding the parts that are not being donated by our wonderful benefactors at Outcast.

I received an email today from my wonderful friend Camari. She is the amazing firefighter I have been recording through her second bout with breast cancer. She is currently undergoing reconstruction on both breasts and relayed an amazing story of how a nurse friend showed the photos we have completed to a hesitant young cancer patient, and that she was able to move forward with a mastectomy after seeing the photographs of Camari. You really never know in life what amazing things can happen when you put your heart into your work.

I am sharing today a photo from a personal project that has delighted me for the past 21 years. I take photos yearly of my daughter Llewelyn with our wonderful friend Kiel, brother of angel baby Janus. Of course we include sibs McKenzie and Nash in the mix and it never fails to delight me to see my girls together with some of our best friends. We laugh and laugh and we come away with treasures for a lifetime of friendship.

I would like to close with a list of names of those who are now shooting for Soulumination or will shoot in the future. These heroic souls have given Soulumination the ability to reach out further into this community: Sarah, Sandra, Kurt, Tara, Jeremy, Michael, Susan, and Amy.

My heart is full of so many emotions and I hope the new year will show me that a human heart has endless capacity for growth, sorrow and joy. In love and peace, Lynette