Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yesterday I spoke at Children's Hospital to nurses who were attending a seminar on bereavement, end-of-life care, and legacy building. It was a powerful time, and in getting up to speak, I could feel that I would at times be overcome by emotion. As I played a slide show of some of our images, I could see the emotion on the faces in the audience and hear the gasps of recognition as the nurses saw their patients' lovely faces emerge. These same nurses are often the people who so graciously help me get the shots the parents so treasure. They help with tubes and clothing and tape, and they do it with calm and loving actions. I salute them and I thank them for their outstanding efforts.
After speaking, I was privileged to meet yet another beautiful baby. This little guy was so cute and such a tiny fighter that he made my Halloween something very special. I later returned to our old neighborhood on Capital HIll to go trick-or-treating with our dear friends on the 'gold coast' of trick or treating, 17th Ave East. It took me back to the years of my daughters dressed in costume, enjoying each and every effort by the home owners to create a magical night in that neighborhood. Seeing the crowds of beautiful children and their adoring parents filled me with those feelings that remind me just how lucky I am to be part of this life.
A few days ago I got an email from Jessica's family stating that she will be back in Seattle sometime in the future for another bone marrow transplant. I show her photo here today and ask you to keep her in your hearts, as this latest development of course brings challenges. This little girl is so full of hope and light, and she brings a spirit of grace when she enters your life. I think of her and her family often and I will be honored to visit her when she returns to Seattle, and will update her photos at that time.
Thank goodness Christine returns to the office tomorrow. She has been in Italy for two weeks and it has been a challenge to keep a semblance of order here. I can keep the work with the families moving ahead on my own, but wow, is it a lot of work to keep a foundation running smoothly on all fronts! Thank heavens for Christa, Deb, and Mary, or the office would be in shambles.
I again salute the efforts of those selling Husky Nation discs. It is vital that we keep our funding at a level allowing us to answer each and every request and those of you who purchase a cd and those of you who sell are such a big part of making this happen. We hope to expand the Husky Nation into all the sports at UW and am meeting to set up some goals to accomplish just that. Hopefully in the near future we will welcome other athletes for shots with our Soul kids. I have my fingers crossed that the dynamic QB, Isaiah, will be joining us soon.
Michael Good and Kurt Smith have pending shoots coming up here shortly and we will see Tara's latest work with a new baby in the next few days. I will visit Annie's Art and Frame later today to pick up a framed photo for Blake's family. I feel we are truly honored by the generosity of Annie's and Moonphoto, in that they donate a framed print for each and every family. We hear from the parents that they are so thrilled when this gift arrives after the prints and is such a surprise and delight.
I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette