Saturday, November 25, 2006

We just arrived home from Mexico and I must say it was great to have family time in the sun and also it feels so good to pull up to our place here in Ballard and start the holiday season right here at home. While I was gone I checked messages a number of times and was thrilled to hear that our own favorite Husky football player, Alex Mercier won a community service award for his work with Soulumination and the Husky Nation Project. I am very proud of him and also heard that 'our' Huskies did an outstanding job in the hard fought Apple Cup victory. You can see him here with a smile on his face as he lifts Courtney's sister in the air.

I was working on my own art projects for the show while we were away. I am looking forward to this coming Saturday when I welcome Sydney Coxon's mom and good friends to my studio to work on the notecards that will be part of the show.

I am working from a PC while my Mac is in for a tune up and I am finding that I am a bit lost without my own I am struggling to post photos of dear Courtney with her new friends of Husky fame and her sisters,I finally accomplished this feat, but heck its hard to teach an old dog new tricks. On the top photo you will see our friend JR in the upper middle, he worked so hard selling discs for us over the course of 3 days that I tip my hat to this outstanding young man.

Things look great here in the office as we finally rented a storage space for the lovely prints of the Soulumination collection. There are now stowed in an orderly fasion and we will be able to gather them as needed quickly and efficiently for future shows.

Our friend EJ is being considered as another candidate for a segment on Miami Ink. He is Taryn's father and originally saw the work of Soulumination on Miami Ink and contacted us about portraits. I am hoping he will be chosen as he is such a caring dad and special person that we would be honored if he shared our story. I can't tell you how often clients tell me that they saw the Miami Ink segment of Elise's dad getting his tattoo.

There is much to be done but all is well. Keep Conner and Charlotte in your hearts, things have been tough for these two little ones and their families love to feel the support and caring. We hope to see you all here in Ballard for the art show and sale weekend after next. Both of my daughters will be home during this event so I am extra thrilled with how things are shaping up. In love and peace, Lynette