Thursday, November 30, 2006

This morning I am sharing some more photos of dear Conner. His memorial service was the day before yesterday and I wanted to share this amazing face with all of you once again.
Last night was my night to take my staff out to dinner and we combined Soulumination and business staff for a fun and loud evening out at a Ballard restaurant that is really a find and a favorite for Doug and myself---Senor Moose Cafe. It has better Mexican food than most places we have tried in Puerto Vallarta. Its small and unique and not been fully discovered, prices very fair and service is excellent. I must say I have the best staff, they are not only great workers but they are really some of my best friends. I am one lucky woman.
There seems to be a misunderstanding that the Artist Sale is this weekend. Its not until the 9th and 10th so be sure you have the correct dates. I met another of the artists yesterday, Patti Shaw. She is such a talented woman and her pieces for the show are small handpainted portraits on lavender pillows. They are truly special. My good friend Sidni has completed many of Sydney Coxon's doggie cards and this Saturday Sydney's mom and 2 great friends will be over to work on more. They really are charming cards and over time we will also offer them for sale on the website.
Our good friend, Alex Mercier is working to expand Husky Nation support into the U's basketball program. If you have any connections there at all please put a good word in for Soulumination as we would love to produce a tee shirt to sell and need support of the current sports.
Our board member, Kelley dropped by yesterday and brought cupcakes. We always love to see her and I am so thankful for the support and guidance of my wonderful board members. On Tuesday I have the privilege of speaking to the Mercer Island Rotary. Its always an honor to share some of the stories of our amazing Soul children.
Those of you who know me realize that relaxation is something that often escapes me as I can't seem to stop moving ahead in many directions. But on Tuesday I had the most amazing facial by a young woman who really reminded me of myself when I started my photography business. She loves her work and she doesn't have a listed phone number and she doesn't advertise. She salon is in a loft above my hair salon in Wallingford. She calls it Tangerine and its in the loft at Salon Metro at 1714 N. 45th. Her name is Katie and her number is 206-790-3846. She does a great job and I highly recommend the 90 minute facial. I thank her for helping me step outside the hustle of this crazy whirlwind and just spend time without a care.
I am also sharing today a photo of my little friend Victor. He lives in Ballard and will soon be shown on the gallery. If we move forward with the Huskies, he has agreed to come and meet some players and share his story. I look forward to seeing him again. His parents are such great people and its nice to have new friends here in the neighborhood. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette