Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I received a lovely message from little Trevor's mom about how much the bracelet we gave her means after his passing. I was very touched and am glad the new jewelry gifts are arriving tomorrow. I am posting another shot of dear Trevor, honoring the grace his family brought to my world (unfortunately, I can't always understand the world of blogging, so you must click the question mark to view the photo). Little Blake's mom is working hard at finding a way to create bracelets in the future. She is such a wonderful woman, and Blake's legacy grows as she reaches out to other moms by her efforts to create something so timely.
I am posting one of the latest photos of dear Emily. I think you will see the spunk in this little girl; it is such a joy for me as she moves ahead and is now talking and sharing her delightful sense of humor in many unique ways. Emily is a beacon of light, and she and many others offer that ray of sun and hopefulness that is so important.
I hope to have the photos of Isaiah Stanback with my friend Courtney and her sisters to share before we leave for Mexico. Courtney has never posed so still for a camera in the years I have worked with her. One could tell she liked the three young men that surrounded her and there was this little smug way she had. She seemed to feel the warmth of the situation and how special it was that she was able to bring her little sisters to meet these talented athletes. Both sisters left with signatures on their arms to show their friends at school.
Yesterday was full of client shoots that had such treasured moments. I am so blessed to know so many wonderful families and from morning until evening I had the pleasure of recording young people that I have watched grow into the most marvelous teenagers. It was so amazing to see my former bride and friend, Jennifer, pick up the photos of her now week-old baby girl who is just so darned beautiful and so like her older sister who passed away just days after birth. To share time with amazing people and have them return year after year is such a reward in this career. Thank you to all who have added to my memories while I help capture theirs.
I am posting today a photo of a little
duck that is created by one of my(again the question mark)

best friends, Michael Peterson. We will be selling his charming creations at the sale on the 9th and 10th. I am so excited that I will be able to work with Sydney's mom and friends to assemble the cards for the show that feature Sydney's creative efforts with her pup.

Thank you to my good friends Sidni, Tammara, and Lori for their help this week. Christine has been putting in such an amazing effort as our administrator and we are hopeful of finding some capable interns from the UW to lighten the load of the work with the Husky Nation Project as well as the Art Sale. Christine is a gem and has helped us move forward in so many ways.
I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette