Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I have waited a couple of days to share the sad news that Conner passed away. I found out early the next morning after returning from Mexico and dreaded sharing such a sorrowful blog when I didn't have my own computer to feel comfortable when writing. His memorial service is tomorrow and our dear friend Sarah Mattingly will most likely be attending. I met Conner and his family when back in Washington DC for the opening of the show. Sarah was kind enough to drive me to the shoot when Kelley was unavailable. Sarah has connected with this family and spent time photographing him a few days before his passing. She set up her studio lights in their home and let his mom work with her camera also.
Conner is our third Soul child to pass away from the ravages of Tay Sachs disease. He was born in January of 2005 which makes him our youngest victim of this tragic disease. His parents have been amazing supporters of our foundation, sending us donations that they raised through Conner's Way Foundation. We all join them in mourning this beautiful baby who brought love and light into our lives. You can see from the photos that I will post as soon as I have my own computer back,that is his such an angel. His face just stunningly lovely to look at and his whole demeanor one of grace.

We are working hard to make the art show a success. We are hopeful that with a good turnout we can concentrate our efforts even more fully on the families and not have worries about funding. Our good friend and Soul mom Cathy Off is working on writing a grant for . We are so thankful to all who have donated to make this work possible. I am especially touched by the donations that come in memory of one of our beloved children. It touched my heart to see that a grandma in Alaska had sent a donation thru Paypal on Thanksgiving Day. When I saw her name it took me right back to the time I had with her granddaughter at Children's Hospital and it filled me with such a soulful feeling as that baby was loved and honored by so many adoring family members.
I close thinking about Conner and his family and hope you all will keep them in your hearts and that you will take a minute to visit the Tay Sachs web site and learn how to be tested for this disease and how we can make strides toward eliminating this genetic nightmare.
In love and peace, Lynette