Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I had a wonderful evening at the Sand Point Golf Club last night. I was invited to speak at an event for Delta Delta Delta and found myself in a room with charming and warm women. My friend and client Lisa Holloman was in the group and it was great to chat with others who knew of the work of Soulumination.
I am pleased to say we delivered photos to Children's yesterday of the baby I met last week while speaking there. Such a charming little baby and his photos showed such wisdom and so much soul that I said he reminds me of a tiny jazz musician. Each of the children of the project has such beauty. We will deliver photos to the family that Tara most recently worked with and I know they will be loved, as Tara did such a great job. I have another family at Children's next week and am working on setting up another Husky Nation Shoot for next Monday with Isaiah Stanback. He is pictured here today with two young women who enthusiastically sold cds for us at the last Husky game. These young women are UW track athletes and good friends of Alex Mercier. As work to expand the Husky Nation project I hope I will have the pleasure of working with them with a very special little friend of mine named Courtney. Isaiah has graciously offered to participate now that his injury has taken him out of a game that he played so well.
My thanks to Bettijean Collins and Cathy Off for coming to a meeting yesterday to work on grant writing for Soulumination. Being a new foundation, there is much to learn and organize, so I am most appreciative of their efforts.
Today I start sharing the artists that will be participating in the Artist Show and Sale that we are holding here on December 9 and 10th. We are hoping to make this an annual event that will be great for the artists and for Soul, and an asset to my new community here in Ballard. I hope you will attend and support this effort.
I am showing a doll by Bainbridge artist Danna Watson and the clothing of longtime friend
and supporter Tammara Stroud in a photo I took a few months ago for her business, Baby Nouveau. Both women have been successful in their art for years and I am so pleased to have them join in this event.
We got two emails this week that I would like to share, as one Soul mom asked for prayers for her daughter Charlotte, who has some fractures that have to be set in casts, and this is a sad explanation for why dear little Charlotte was in such pain. It was finally diagnosed and is yet another indication of how fragile this life can be for Cha Cha. I also heard today from dear friend and supporter, Lisa Files, that Ellie Jo's new house in North Bend is flooded. One bit of good news in this is that their photos are safe. Please keep this family also in your heart.
I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette