Sunday, November 12, 2006

I don't usually write so frequently but I wanted to share that we lost our little pal Trevor early this morning. I will post a photo of the dear boy. He was born with Zellweger Syndrome and lived 7 months and 7 days, passing peacefully by his parents' side.
I was most impressed with the way this lovely family integrated the challenges they were faced with into their daily lives. They lived fully in the moment and allowed Trevor every experience and all the dignity any child could ask for. I salute them and am thankful for having met them. They now live in the midwest, but I hope someday to see them again.
I am also posting two photos of my

little friend Brielle from her recent photo shoot at my studio. Brielle is Blake's sister and happens to be Mayan like our dear Francisco. While I was doing her shoot, my friend Dan Wilson stopped by to pick up his family photos, which was so great since his son Abe is Mayan and the Wilsons had became great friends of Francisco. We were showing Dan the photo of Blake and Brielle that is now part of the Soulumination Collection when Brielle came over and kissed her brother's photo. I quickly picked up my camera and we took her out to some nice light and she proceeded to hug and kiss her recently departed sibling in that photograph. It was quite a moment for all of us.
Those of you who know me realize that I can be a bit exhuberant, and when Dan shared with us that he and his entire family are going to work at an orphanage in Guatemala in the spring, I suggested they go visit Francisco's family in their village outside of Guatemala City. So true to her nature, Annie Wilson is excited about the idea and we are busily connecting them with people who know Francisco's family, so they are hopefully going to make this all happen. I believe there will be a photo of Dan and Annie's son with Francisco on the Moyer Foundation's upcoming calendar.
I visited my parents in Sequim today and shared with them many of the happenings of the foundation. I also saw my dear friend and sister-in-law, Sally Elliott, who along with her neighbor, Pati Olson, has been making the most amazing scarves and table runners for the foundation. Her daughter, Lanie, is my niece whom we lost nine years ago. I am so touched that Sally is giving back in such a hands-on way, as she is not normally a seamstress. She was showing me their amazing creations at a coffee shop this morning when the women seated next to us each purchased a scarf, appropriately the first sales for the foundation. Thank you Sally and Pati, I will go to Children's to work with a new family tomorrow and will have Lanie, as always, in my heart. I am showing one of their creations used as a table runner.
It's been a busy day, so I must go have some quiet time and think about my tiny angel friend Trevor, in love and peace, Lynette