Saturday, November 11, 2006

I am waiting for our dear Emily and family to arrive at the studio for photos with their new baby boy. Emily has been doing well so I can't wait to see that little champ and her sidekicks. I received another email from Charlotte's mom, and Charlotte's legs are really in bad shape, so keep this little darling in your hearts and prayers. We lost a little boy this week and my heart is heavy. He was such an angel, as radiant a face as you could imagine, and he was surrounded by loving and beautiful family members. I visit Children's on Monday for a new family and have another to be scheduled in the weeks ahead. Kurt Smith will work for the foundation this coming week in the Everett hospital, and Michael Good is doing his best to schedule a little guy who has been in and out of the hospital.
On Monday, we meet to move the Husky Nation Project ahead and work with Courtney and her family to create some images of Court with Isaiah and Alex. I am delighted that Courtney's younger sisters are available to join in the fun.
I am pleased to say that Channon Hopson and family will be honored by the Eleanor Henry Reed Guild in their upcoming fundraiser for Children's hospital. Channon's parents are such dynamic people that I know they will help raise funds in the best of ways, by sharing their triumphs!
I am sharing two artists' work today, who will be part of the Artist Show and Sale: Jessi Taylor, jeweler, and Lily West, baker, who will have wonderful cookies at the sale. I am going to get the supplies to start assembling cards of the work of artist and Soul child Sydney Coxon. I am honored that her parents have agreed to let us sell Sydney's work. The cards feature her pup Mugsie dressed in various outfits and tweaked in Photoshop. I will show one of the six, which Sydney titled, "Diva Mugsalena."
I must be off to run errands but will have the Husky game tuned in until I leave
for my final wedding of 2006. It's a week from today that Doug and I leave for Mexico with our Llewelyn, and McKenzie will meet us there on Monday. Sun, my daughters, books and relaxation with Doug by my side sounds incredible right now. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette