Friday, October 06, 2006

Today I am so excited to introduce you to our latest Soul child. His family came to visit the same day the Huskies were here with Ellie Jo and her family. His name is Blake and he suffers from Vein of Galen Malformation. I have so enjoyed meeting him and his family, and have had the most inspiring communication from his mom, and got to chat with his dad when he came to pick up the photos. He has two older brothers who are just so loving, and a little sister who is a 'puddin' and who reminds me of my wonderful friendship with dear Francisco, as she is also Mayan.

Blake is pictured here today with his dad and again with his little sister and will soon grace our gallery with more photos.

I am also showing a shot of our newest member from the East Coast, compliments of our good friend Sarah Mattingly. This little beauty is yet another Tay Sachs child. This is our sixth Tay Sachs child, so we are truly reaching that community. Previous Soul children featured on our gallery with this genetic disease are Joey, Timothy C, Elise, Dylan, and Connor. I will post an updated shot of our Connor, also taken by Sarah. She is definitely a huge supporter and a great friend to Soul. We are so thankful for all she has done and continues to do for us. She will team with Timothy's aunt, Naomi, to try to set up some dates for the Collection to be shown again in their area.

The story about Husky Nation and Soulumination in the Seattle Times sports section one week ago today has generated new support. It's great to take the project into a realm that you would not connect with the work. I know that as people read and hear of our families it will open hearts to honoring these families and their children and will help make the idea of legacy building a common occurrence in our society. We have the second thousand CDs arriving next week, so please share the word that a little $7 donation will help make a difference and will get you a piece of unprecedented Husky memorabilia. With the efforts of the players on the field, it is giving us a chance to make sure we have funding to honor each and every request we get for photos.

My good friend Kurt Smith will be working with his first Soul family this weekend and has agreed to work with a second family in November, as he is well suited to this particular request. He will join Michael Good, Tara Clark, Jeremy Leffel, and Sandra Coan as local photographers who have joined in this foundation. My pal Greg Johnson is setting up a time to do his second little film for a Soul family; he will work with our dear Claire and family sometime later this month.

We are gathering amazing artists and are led by one of my treasured friends, Patty Grazini, in setting up the December art show and sale. Patty is someone who inspires me artistically in so many ways. She is producing such amazing pieces for the sale and I know this event will be a chance to support local talent and Soulumination in a meaningful way. The dates will coincide with the Ballard Art Walk and I know we will have great items that would make lovely holiday gifts.

Doug and I recently got hit by local 'talent' on our new fence and building. Gosh, graffitti is a nasty thing. I did, however, meet the nicest police officer, who kindly helped with towing the abandoned vehicle from in front of the studio. He also recommended a book that I think will be inspiring. It was nice to have something positive come out of that irritating gesture by some unfeeling person. My hope is that Doug's quick and effective effort in removing the mess will discourage future attempts.

I have just a few more days to capture the local fisherman on film, as the season is winding down. These men of the Suquamish Tribe have become friends, and my efforts to record them has proven to be a great way for me to step out of the hustle and bustle of the office and just connect with nature and a culture that I have wanted to understand more fully. I have to suffer much teasing from these native comedians, but have enjoyed the process and hope to continue documenting them over the next few years, to come up with a body of work that will truly represent this way of life. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette