Friday, October 27, 2006

Its the end of another busy week and I have had the pleasure of meeting two very special new families. On Monday, I visited Children's Hospital after having a lovely day on Bainbridge Island. The family arrived dressed so nicely, and there were grandparents and uncles in attendance. We had such a nice time and it was a big day, since it was the first time they were able to dress their baby girl in special clothing. We were able to take some sweet photos in three darling outfits, and I must say this little one looked just so precious. I will be able to take the photos to them on Halloween, when I will work with another little guy.

Last night I had tickets to hear Barak Obama, but my husband and father-in-law attended, as I had another little girl scheduled for photographs. This little girl arrived with her grandparents and was just a little angel in pink. She is so lovingly cared for by these grandparents and it is obvious, by the way that she snuggles with them that she is very bonded with them. I was so moved by the gentle aura around this three-year-old.

Both Tara Clark and Michael Good had photo assignments this week for Soul. Tara so graciously completed hers even though she is incredibly busy . I know the images will be lovely. Michael, unfortunately, will have to reschedule, as there was a medical emergency for a close family member of the child. Heartfelt thanks to these two kind people for sharing their skills with our families. I am so excited to have such caring support.

The tickets for Barak and the ones I used to hear Annie Leibowitz speak were gifts from a treasured client and dear friend. I have been recording her family for a number of years and she never fails to amuse me. Thank you Heija for your generosity. It was enlightening to hear Annie speak and she touched me with the fact that she couldn't read about her beloved Susan or her father without crying. It was the first time she had returned to Seattle, where Susan Sontag was a patient at Fred Hutch. The fact that photos of her father and her partner are included in her book at the end of their life makes me think that I should contact Annie to share about the work of Soulumination. My husband, Doug, bought me a copy of her book, and Annie signed not only the usual page, but also the page that shows a photograph hanging on the wall that I took at Bill and Melinda Gates' wedding. I am very pleased to have an image of mine represented in this book, even if its incidental.

I am so excited to be attending the Husky game tomorrow, compliments of Alex Mercier. Doug, Lew and I are all attending and I so look forward to seeing "our" players on the field. Little Ellie Jo was back today for some photos with her grandparents and I think she was just a little sad not to see those big new friends of hers in the courtyard. I am sharing a shot of her with last week's Husky game standout, Marlon Wood. So many people are stepping up to help sell the cds, and that is great, since we are working with five new families in less than two weeks. I had the pleasure of meeting JR Wolfrack, who was a big part of putting this cd together. He has been tirelessly selling at the HUB the last two days and I am so grateful for his efforts. There will be a table set up at the U Village QFC tomorrow, and I owe Mary Mercier, Alex's mom, a big thank you for making that happen.

We are working on the Artist Show and Sale which will be here on December 9 and 10th. We have such a talented array of artists, so I hope you will come by and see if we don't have some items that would tickle people on your gift list.

I want to thank Leslie Brown for helping us create a lovely holiday card. I have had the honor of photographing her children for a number of years, and she and Joel are treasured clients and friends. She offered to print the cards and envelopes as a gift to Soul, and today our volunteer Christa Nielson spent hours putting a lovely color wash over the cover images. Christa is so a wonderful addition to our foundation. I had the honor of shooting her wedding and always felt she was a very special individual, so I am blessed to have her on board with us.

It has taken me a few days to get back to this missive and I must say that JR is a standout in my book, and it's not a surprise that he played for the football team and participated in track at UW. Thank you JR for making a difference in the Husky Nation project. I know we will be expanding this project to include other sports at the U and we will be working with our families to capture some special images that I will share with all of you. I close to run to the camera repair shop. In love and peace, Lynette