Friday, October 13, 2006

It is sometimes hard to accept that I have to say goodbye to a wonderful child that I only met a couple of weeks ago, but sadly I have to write that dear little Blake died yesterday. He and his family are now a part of my soul and I can only imagine the depths of grief that his passing brings. I share today a couple more photos of this charming little boy and I send my love to his family and friends. One can only hope to have lived a life in which we are cared for and loved in the way Blake experianced. His quiet and gentle presence filled my courtyard the day of his shoot and will not be forgotten. What a wonderful thing that my friend Greg Johnson was here that day to capture his essence in action footage and sometime next week we will be so pleased to give Blake's family their video.

I was happy to see an article today on the front page of the Times sports section about 'our' Husky, Quintin Daniels. He is one fine person and deserves a little recognition. I am proud to say that I talked to Alex today, #15 in tomorrows game, he has been out injured all season, but today he let us know that he will be "getting some snap". That phrase caused a lot of laughter here at Soul headquarters, as middle aged women repeating that sounds a lot less dynamic than when it comes from Alex's mouth. But, we sure are thrilled for him and I am just a bit proud to say the least. Both Prep and Blanchet High schools are selling the CDs tonight at their games and I am so thankful. We have been joined in the work of selling by Sandi Lappano and her sons as well as long time friend and client Stacia Steele and her daughter Sophia. Friend and client Kate Johnson has been having nice success with sales also. I am so grateful for this help as I have a new family to shoot a week from Tuesday, am awaiting another new family to set a date and our friend Michael Good is working with yet another new child. We have been contacted by a social worker with the Kindering Center of Bellevue and most likely will start receiving referrals from them in the near future. We must keep funding sufficient to serve all families and I am most thankful that we can pair with the Huskies for just that purpose.

Doug and I go to visit our first born, McKenzie in San Luis Obispo this weekend. We are excited to meet her new kitten as we are losing our crazy old cat Yoko any day now. Its such a blessing having such wonderful daughters and I am thankful everyday to be their mom.

I close as always in love and peace and tonight in tribute to a small boy with such a moving presence. Lynette