Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I was so excited about the latest photos of little Claire that I just had to share them with you. It was amazing to see her as she is now saying some words and for the first time ever she stood up unaided in our courtyard. That feat caused some laughter, tears, and much clapping. We will deliver the photos to her mom on Thursday when they visit Children's for yet another blood transfusion. Many issues have arisen just since I saw Claire last, so it was exciting to see her so vivacious and ready for a little new adventure.
I am also attaching a shot of the lovely wedding favor from Julie and John's wedding. It touches me so much that they thought of us and shared on such a special day in their lives. This donation somehow takes me back to the time when I got to sit with my dear friend Sydney right here at my computer and create with her the little book of photos of her beloved dog Muggsy. The donation from her family of Sydney's savings strikes the same chord with me as the wedding favor donation---- something so precious that it reminds me to always serve these families with love and dignity and honor. I take this task very seriously and here in this little office I am daily reminded of the way we are all so connected in this life and that each person we meet may teach us to be just a bit more loving, more evolved, and more accepting.

We are working with 2 new families to confirm times for their photo shoots and my dear friend Kurt Smith is taking on a second assignment for us in November. I got to view some of the photos from Kurt's first shoot and now I clearly see why he told me that he understood why I often call these little ones 'angel babies' as this dear baby girl is such a lovely child. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette