Saturday, September 23, 2006

Well, it's truly fall, I guess, since just a month ago it was light out when I would get up early to start work and now it's dark and feels so different. I will miss those sunny days as they truly lift my spirits. Today another Husky game and I continue to be amazed at the dedication of our players and their willingness to make the Husky Nation project work to raise funds. I heard from many clients this week that they had seen us on the "megatron" during halftime last week. Makes me chuckle to think of images of Soulumination at Husky stadium; really, the angel babies are taking us to places that one would not normally imagine. It is so wonderful to take the idea of honoring lives to a whole new group of young and vital people. As you listen and watch the game today, keep our men in mind. At every game, know my heart does that same thing it used to when my own daughters played soccer; I now feel a part of it and I feel so much pride that it is almost as if they are my children. Never having had sons, this is a fun way to be involved and get to know such incredible young men. Alex Mercier has to wait one more game for playing time as he has another slight injury that will keep him off the field, but in good time he will be out there and I tell him I will be with him all the way to the goal line.

I am sharing a photo of my new friend Victor today. I am lucky to live near this charmer and will hopefully get to see him again soon. I have been in touch with his parents and have a client that works with medical devices that are relevant to the treatment of his epilepsy. I am thankful to Steve for his willingness to jump right in and share articles and possible connections with this wonderful family. Victor's photos will soon be on our gallery and we will share his entire bio then, but as you can see he is a very cute kid. Keep this champ in your thoughts as he is a little fighter.

Today's wedding is the one where the bride and groom have given a generous donation to Soulumination as the favor for their guests. Those of you who know me can most likely imagine that I will shed a few tears today. Julie and John are a couple that I so admire and Julie and I have worked with numerous families together, so my joy and thankfulness are causing some tears already. It will be a day to remember.

I wanted to let you all know that we are planning an artist show and sale on December 9 and 10. A portion of all sales will benefit Soulumination and I hope you will consider attending. It will be here at my studio and we will show some of the new work of Soulumination. I am so happy and content in this new location. If you haven't visited us yet, this will be a festive opportunity to come see and support the foundation. We are thinking of having a basket to raffle with donations from each artist participating, so that in itself would be something special. At this point we know we will have work by Patty Grazini, Michael Peterson, Tynan Kogane, Tamara Stroud of Baby nouveau, Sidni Sobolik of Paper Peace, photo albums by our great supporter Susan Krueger, amazing cookies by Lily West, jewelry by our own Christine Garrigan, some work of my own and I will let you know as more artists join the fun. This will coincide with the popular Ballard Art Walk so it will be an opportunity to support artists, Soulumination, and do some shopping for special gifts.

We delivered photos to four new families this week and I again thank photographers Michael Good and Tara Clark for sharing their talent with this project, I couldn't be more pleased. I heard from one mom we delivered to that the day after I took photos of her beautiful baby girl, she started losing her hair. So thankful that once again things worked out as they should and we caught her in her full glory. I will be working with a new family on Sunday and will be able to share his photos with you soon. I also have our Ellie Jo and family joining us on Sunday for a shoot with a Seattle Times photographer and Husky player Alex Mercier. I have been wanting to update Ellie Jo's photos as she is doing so well and growing so fast and they have kindly agreed to let the Times feature Ellie Jo in their upcoming article about Husky Nation. On Monday afternoon I will welcome Claire and her brothers to my studio once again so you will see Claire again soon, and she has mastered crawling so this shoot will be lively indeed and a celebration of an important milestone.

Tuesday is the national news Emmy award presentations in NY. It would be so amazing if the Today Show should win for our piece, but if not we are in great company and that broadcast touched so many people that we have already won. As I now look out to a glorious sunrise in Seattle I will close as always, in love and peace, Lynette