Friday, September 15, 2006

This morning while riding my trusty bike and watching the Today show I saw the teaser for tonight's Evening Magazine and sure enough there were "our" Huskies throwing the ball with Andrew and Jack, who are pictured here today. Be sure to tune in tonight or watch it on the big screen at the game tomorrow at half time. I heard from the musician, Alex that other teams at the U are using the songs and that various members of the football team have been caught singing along with those tunes.

The last week has been very busy and I visited Children's to work with 2 new families. I returned a second day to catch a grandpa with his first born grandson before he has to leave to return to his home state. I am always amazed that the families are so strong and good and full of hopeful grace. The 6 year old boy I worked with has such beauty and I couldn't help but touch his face for a second before leaving the room both times. His has some unbelievable charm and his mom and aunts are all such strong and beautiful people that they will stay in my mind forever. The little baby I met was as pretty a 3 month old as a person could dream up. She has lovely brown hair and blue eyes and a smile to melt your heart. If you follow this blog you must wonder how each child can be such a light for me. I often wonder that myself but in 18 years of shooting, each bride and each family and each child reaches me in the same way. It seems that when its time to work with the next person their particular appeal becomes the focus not just for the camera but for me personally. That is why I try to remember to thank my clients for sharing their days with me and allowing me to hone my skill so I can do this type of work.

I want to give sincere thanks to my treasured clients and friends, Linda and Cameron for their generous donation. This is their third generous gift and I am so very grateful. Also I am so grateful to next weeks bride for her incredible idea of giving a donation to Soulumination instead of party favors. Her future husband works for a company, Russell, that will match the gift. This type of caring gift will make such a difference. We have had more requests than we ever imagined or budgeted for so these thoughtful people are so important to the work.

We both met and lost a new baby this week. I met this family in June for a pregnancy shoot as they knew at the time their angel son would not survive. Our new associate Tara went to the hospital to record this lovely family at his arrival. Sadly he did not survive the birth, but the photos are so lovely and touching and again this family has been so gracious in that we have seen the announcement of his birth and passing and they have asked that people consider donating to Soulumination. It takes your breath away to know that we have make a difference to this incredibly family.

I must run to a shoot, but I close as always, in love and Peace, Lynette