Sunday, September 24, 2006

Its nice to know that the Husky players, Alex Mercier, Marlon Wood and Chris Hemphill, are so devoted and gracious that they will come to help out the Husky Nation project even after a really big win that must leave them physically and emotionally drained. These men, along with Quintin Daniels and Roy Lewis, are making headway in so many ways for us right now. The discs are starting to sell at a nice pace indeed. What a victory on Saturday and what a boost to Soulumination to be tied to such a team in such a caring way. I believed in them from the moment I heard about the CD and now after reading the Sunday sports section I see the town is starting to realize that these men deserve respect.

Today the players joined our lovely Ellie Jo and her parents, sister and paternal grandparents for an updating of her photos and a PR shoot with a lovely photographer with the Seattle Times, Amanda Smith, who was shooting for a future article by Bob Condotta. Ellie Jo was just three months old when I met her, and she is coming up to her second birthday this winter. We had some laughs together today and I think we will have some really nice photos to share soon. I am posting photos of Ellie with the mighty Dawgs.

We were also joined today by a new volunteer, Leo Lam, who is an incredibly talented photographer and educator at UW. He has offered to help us and I am so thankful for the expertise that he is willing to share. I am sharing the photo he captured today of the men who were here today. It was such fun to see Ellie Jo's sister on the shoulders of Chris Hemphill, as it made her the tallest person in our courtyard by a couple of feet and she looked so cute up there.

Later in the day I was joined by another new volunteer, Greg Johnson, professional chef and aspiring filmmaker. Greg is married to my dear friend and assistant Dawnelle and father of the darling Finnley. He has just offered to work with one family each month to create a short film as part of the legacy of their child. We both worked with a new family that has that charm and appeal that I so often see in our families. Their son, Blake, is five years old and suffers from a condition called Vein of Galen Malformation. Once we have releases, I will share the shots with you,u as the love and gentle approach of this family melted me and I feel so honored to have had the chance to record that special charm.

I am off tomorrow with dear friends to go to the Olympic Mountains to gather Chantrelle mushrooms and celebrate my dad's 80th birthday. I would like to again thank Brenna Fallon for her hard work in having a yard sale to benefit Soul, the check arrived on Saturday along with a check in honor of the new Soul baby that Tara photographed and a lovely donation came through the law firm where my friend Kari Brotherton works. To all of you who help I send the endless thanks of our parents and am so thankful that we can move forward to serve each family.

I close as always in love and peace, Lynette