Saturday, September 02, 2006

I have only a short time on this beautiful morning to write of loss and triumph. My heart is so tender as I write that we lost our lovely Gabby this week. She and her family walked into my courtyard this spring and brought such grace and sparkle with them. That little girl was a treasure and will be sadly missed by any who knew her. My sympathy for her family can not be adequately put down in words, so suffice it to say that it is shattering to contemplate. She is pictured here today with her mom.

I am very happy to say that our pal Andrew came through his scans on Thursday with flying colors. He is at this time free of his tumor and it is nothing short of triumphant. He was so great with us last week when working with the Huskies. He is shown here today on the top of a big old Dawg pile and of course it was his idea to have everyone make funny faces. It is the first Husky game today and I hope Alex's songs strike a cord and that fans will support us as we had another new family on Thursday and are waiting to hear when we will see three more. The new family was facing the loss of a beautiful baby boy and the love filling that room was something remarkable. Their tears cut me to my bones, but it was so obvious that they celebrated this handsome little being in every way. The work moves ahead with such purpose and I am so thankful to Alex and the boys for their care and support. Go Huskies! Go Andrew! Go Alex!

We are sad to lose our wonderful friend Karen Trimble and her gift of amazing jewelry for each family. She has decided to take time with her family and so I thank and salute her amazing efforts this past year and know how she has touched the families with her loving creations. We are currently searching for the perfect replacement for these gifts at a cost that we can afford. If you have any leads, please let us know.

I close today thinking of my little friend Gabby, so the love and peace I send today is in tribute to one small girl with one amazing smile, Lynette