Friday, September 08, 2006

I am just home from a quick trip down to KIRO radio. I got a call today asking if I would come down to be on the Ron and Don show and tell about the work of Soulumination on a special part of their Friday show where they honor what the call "Hometown Heroes." It was a very sweet experience, and I am so thankful for their kind recognition and the lovely donation to the project from Aamco. Of course I share this sweet honor with everyone who so patiently backs me up here in the office, and to the new shooters for Soulumination: Sarah Mattingly, Jeremy Leffel, Sandra Cohn, Tara Clark (who is out shooting for us tonight, I believe), Michael Good (who did an amazing shoot for Soul yesterday), Susan Doupe (who is waiting for her first child to have a clear time), Kurt Smith and Amy Sherrer (who have both been kind enough to take shots of events that needed recording for our use in telling the story of my work with project), as well as Jim and Katarina Garner, who did a shoot for a lovely young woman who didn't fall quite in our mission, but who so deserved to have some lovely photos.

Tomorrow is Gabby's memorial and I will be at a wedding, but my heart will be with her family. I have a second wedding on Sunday that my daughter Lulu will be working as my assistant on, and then we will have a couple of days together at our cabin. I am so looking forward to some quiet time. I love my work, but this time of year is always very intense and I am so excited to just really escape. I want to thank all the amazing returning clients and the brides who have allowed me to continue to work in photography. It is one of my passions, and besides the personal gratification I am so thankful to all who have backed Soul in so many ways.

Tonight I salute my dad, who turned 80 today and who was especially sweet when I told him about the "Hometown Hero" recognition. Also a special thank you to my father-in-law, who sent a lovely donation this week. Both men are very dear to me and I am a lucky woman to have their support and guidance.

I would like to salute the playing of 'our' Husky, Roy Lewis, in last week's victory over San Jose State. I was listening to every play on the radio and have to say that Roy had a big part in this opening victory. I tease our players that all we have to do to sell the CD's is have them win some games. So hopefully soon we will see Alex, Quinton, and Chris back in action and helping lead us to more wins for the team. There have been very nice articles in local and regional papers this week and we are hoping the AP story will hit the nation this week. Watch for a very nice piece about the Husky Nation project on Evening Magazine a week from tonight and again at the game against Fresno State at halftime. I am so pleased to say that my daughter's high school, Bishop Blanchet, is stepping up to help raise funds by selling the CD at Braves football games. Alex is a graduate of Blanchet also, and I am so very thankful for the support of the school.

We have been receiving more calls than ever for new Soul families. Today we completed a delivery to Children's for a family I worked with last Thursday, who were hoping to receive their prints before the memorial service on Monday for their son. I thank Moonphoto and our own Christine for getting this out in a timely manner.

I am posting tonight two new Soul children, Conner and Trevor. Their complete bios will be up on the site soon, but I wanted to share them with you as they are both very special boys from such memorable families. I met little Trevor before he and his family moved to the midwest. His mom and I hope to maintain contact, as she is someone I can talk to so easily and she is so steady and so calmly purposeful. Trevor has a rare syndrome called Zellweger. The other cute face here tonight is one charming redhead named Conner, who is from a family of wonderful redheads. He is battling SCIDS and his mom was the donor for his bone marrow transplant. He is one of the happiest little guys you could meet. I hope to take some shots for the entire family when Conner can be out and about. I hear his brother is one great kid and it will be my pleasure to see this family again.