Saturday, September 30, 2006

I so look forward to Monday afternoon when I will get to see my little friend Claire and her brothers for some updated photos. It's been one hectic week as we move forward here at Soulumination. I can't thank Bob Condiotta of the Seattle Times enough for yesterday's front page story in the Sports section,>. I get a bit teary when I think how many people he reached with his writing and the lovely photos taken by Amanda Smith. It is certainly a different audience than we've had and I am sure we will get more requests for photos than ever with this exposure. From my heart I send him my very best.

The Husky Nation CD is selling steadily now and we just ordered our second thousand. You can imagine we love these young men of the Huskies for the dedication and their touching gentleness with our kiddos. I want to mention a man who has been unsung but truly a big part of this project, David Thompson of Soul Sound Audio. He has worked with Alex to make this dream a reality and I am truly grateful for his generosity and his skill. You can visit his site at

My dear friends and clients, Dan Evans, Jr., and Clint Mead, also deserve a pat on the back if you see them, for so quietly and expertly guiding us through PR and other pieces of this project. We reach out to them for expert Husky advice, as anyone who knows them can attest to the fact that they are fans in the biggest ways. Tell your friends about the Husky Nation project and please call in to KUBE and KISS to request that they play this fun and upbeat music.

We have heard from two new families that we will be serving soon. They were referred to us by the Providence Hospice group and it will be my honor to work with one family, and my dear friend Kurt Smith will work with the other next week. Kurt has been a best friend to me in photography, and he and his wife Leah sometimes surprise me with one of my favorite treats, farm-fresh eggs from their charming chickens. Kurt has been working with Soulumination quietly since we became a foundation. He has been kind enough to record the opening show at St Marks, along with Jeremy Leffel and Greg Johnson, as well as joining me at a speaking engagement to get some photos for future work. I know Kurt will do an amazing job with this family and I thank him for his years of support in a business where I often need a quiet chat with someone who understands.

I have been forging some new friendships here in Ballard and my staff and friends can tell you that I am hooked on spending time recording the daily life of some interesting new friends who go about their business day after day, quietly working hard in a dying industry while dealing with all kinds of reactions from the public. They are the members of the Suquamish Tribe who fish the waters near the locks here in Ballard. I have always had a strong interest in the native cultures of our land and am a fan of silver carved jewelry from regional tribal artists. Yesterday I took the article with me that was in the Times to share it with a friend, George, who plays ball in the tribal leagues. I showed it to another young man, John, who works with the youth of their tribe in teaching cultural enrichment programs. He told me to apply for a grant from their Appendix X program. It made my head spin to think that these men and women who I am now recording with my camera may well reach back in support of the children of Soul. Life sometimes leads me in directions that seem scattered and random to people that are more organized and mainstream than myself. I have self-doubts that stem from this stream-of-consciousness way I write and live, but so often lately there are signs that show me to move forward, to follow my heart. So I will try to remember to honor the impulses that make my day so full and rich and trust that so much good comes from a little caring. Our board member, Lori Sawyer found this native American saying that she sent me after I told her about the possible grant application. It seems so appropriate: "Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way."

Soon this will be posted and you can see our dear Claire and 'our' Husky, Marlon Wood with Ellie Jo, but not without the kind touch of my pal and confidant, Fred Moody. He so kindly edits each blog to try to make it a bit more coherent than in its original meandering state. He corrects the grammar and spelling and I am so thankful. Fred is a source of weekly and sometimes daily laughs through his email comments about my whirlwind ways. Fred, you make such a difference with your quiet, gentle approach to life.

I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette