Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Just a quick message tonight as I have so much editing to do, but had to let you all know that the Husky Nation discs arrived and are ready for purchase. We had the most delightful shoot on Sunday while Evening Magazine recorded the action for an airing on September 15, before the second Husky home game. We were joined by "our" three Huskies, Alex, Roy and Chris. We headed to the park across the street from my studio and the boys had a little scrimmage with Andrew and his brother Jack. You can see by the postings tonight that we had the best time. My sincere thanks to all the men involved that day for their amazing cooperation and support.
I want to thank our teen volunteer Brenna and her brother Sawyer for staging a very successful yard sale to benefit Soulumination. Brenna has been faithfully volunteering for us and creates the birthday cards we send to each Soul family. She and her family are such welcome additions to our project.
I met a new Soul family tonight and they we so very wonderful. They live near my studio and are parents with heart and devotion. Their son suffers from epilepsy and is one very beautiful little guy. I am thankful to get to meet such incredible people through this project.
I had a few minutes to chat on the phone today with my friend Sarah Mattingly, who lives in DC. She has graciously worked with another family on the East coast and I hope to share the photos soon, as she once again did an incredible job with another Tay Sachs cherub.
I want to mention that I am so thrilled with our first newsletter, created by our Soul mom and board member, Lori Sawyer. The response to this newsletter has been wonderful and I thank all of you who have contributed through the envelope that you received. I got to hug our latest donor as I was shooting their family just an hour after the check arrived. Your kindness and generosity have made it possible for us to move forward and to honor the lives of many new amazing families. In love and peace, Lynette