Friday, August 25, 2006

Its been a busy week here in Ballard and I am looking forward to again working with Stephanie Solomon's crew at a wedding tomorrow. I am sure it will be lovely as they do such a nice job plus I know the bride through soccer connections and she is a lovely person. I returned to Evergreen Hospital on Wednesday after a full day of shooting to speak to their NICU and PICU nurses about Soulumination, but more specifically to give them tips on taking photos when working with patients. It was a pleasure to speak with such dedicated staff.
I worked with two new Soul families this week and loved them both. They were both lovely baldies and had such charm and appeal. I hope they will agree to let me share some of the photos as they are really so full of charisma. The first was a six year old that took over the entire building and was able to fill each space with joy and delight. The second is an 18 year old for which I was honored to take her senior photos. Both girls are real fighters, one has had a stem cell transplant, the other started the process for bone marrow transplant. We will deliver their photos hopefully on Tuesday and maybe after that we can share their grace and beauty.
I was thrilled to welcome Charlotte to my new studio with her mom and dad, nurse and aunt. I met Cha Cha just a year ago and it was time for updating her Soul photos. I am posting two here today of this dear girl. Her entourage loves and cares for her in such a profound way that once again I was dizzy from the strength and grace I see in the families of this project and the amazing people that we call nurses. I am posting two photos today from that shoot. Cha Cha seems to like my courtyard and relaxed and enjoyed some time off of her trach tube.
I am so very thankful to my client Jim Mitchell for working with us again this year to ensure more families can be served through this project by a grant from Corbis. This is the second year they have offered financial backing to help us move forward.
I just received a phone call that the Husky Nation CD's are shipping from the East Coast today and we should have them Tuesday. Our shopping cart will be up on the site by then and your $7.00 purchase of this Husky memorabilia will help further the work of Soulumination. We hope to sell out of the first 1000 and be able to reorder quickly. Funding is always a concern so this small purchase will help us will raising the Husky spirit.
In love and peace on this beautiful sunny morning, Lynette