Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It was hard news to receive that I lost my little friend Hudson yesterday morning. He and his dad were such great guys, and I share with you today the photo of his hand in his dad's that just melted my heart. Part of the magic to a photographer comes when the shots you take seem to have a life of their own and a meaning that goes beyond that moment. I will not be able to attend his services as my schedule has been full for months, but my heart will be with them and I hope to meet Hudson's brothers sometime when I am visiting our Llewelyn, as they live near each other.

I am also posting a photo of our girls with our friends' twins. You may remember these twins from a posting last summer. This family lives in Japan and the parents have been my dear friends since I shot their wedding. The family lives in Japan and Catherine is kind enough to take a long train ride out of her way in Tokyo to buy paper for the albums we make for each Soul family. She goes to one of my favorite paper stores in Tokyo to supply paper of incredible beauty both for the foundation and to feed the artist in my soul. It has been a great pleasure watching this family grow and I will be so excited to visit them again in the great city of Tokyo.

The Husky Nation project is taking flight with some wonderful PR. There was a really wonderful article in the Everett Herald and tonight there should be an airing by John Sharify and Eric Johnson on KOMO News 4. This Sunday we are privileged to be shooting a piece with Evening Magazine. It is so touching to be on the show hosted by John Curley, as he was the MC at two large fundraisers for Children's Hospital in the past months where I was the speaker. John gave such moving introductions that I feel honored that this project will be featured on his show. We are so hoping that the discs will be made and safely here in our hands to be sold at the first game on September 2nd. Let's sell out and reorder that same day! The players are showing such heart with this project, and Alex Mercier and his family have worked so hard to make this all happen. Christine here in our office has made such great efforts to pull this all together that I am so thankful to her for being so much more than an employee.

I will hopefully be meeting a new Soul family today, and then their shoot will be followed by updates to Charlotte's photos. I hope the weather gets a bit warmer as I want to record them in our new courtyard, and it's chilly today. I close as always in love and peace, Lynette