Friday, August 04, 2006

I am in the middle of my busy season with family and wedding shoots for my business. I am so lucky to have work that is something that I love to do. With all the wedding joy, I am sad to say that we lost our little pal on the East Coast that Sarah Mattingly had so lovingly photographed. Dylan's little body could not take the devistation of Tay Sacks any longer and my heart is with his family. He is pictured today with his mom and dad.

We are proud and pleased to say that we are all approved to work with Alex Mercier and the Husky football team on the Husky Nation project. We will be producing CD's soon and I hope you faithful followers will encourage people to buy this fun and creative piece of Husky memorobilia. I am aware that rap is not to everyone's taste, but that point seems a bit silly since its fun and upbeat and truly just a wonderful way of supporting team spirit and the work of Soulumination for very little outlay of money. I am posting another shot from our PR shoot here today As you can see the spark was emotional and touching. Go Huskies!

I am sharing with you today photos of three little boys that have become part of the Soul families. My friend and former bride Stacy gave birth to little Joshua at 27 weeks gestation. He is finally home with his loving parents who have agreed to go back to the UW hospital to work with families whose children are born premature. He is shown today being kissed by his daddy.

My new pal Hudson is the third of three sons in his family. I met him and his daddy at Children's while his mom was busy with the older brothers at Ronald McDonald house. Hudson was born with Partial Trisomy IQ, facial anormalities, heart complications and he has a trach. He has loving support and a family with faith, so you get the feeling that he will be given support in everyway. He is a shown today sleeping sweetly in a little cap. It is my goal to get to take shots someday of his entire family after he completes some of his heart surgeries.

I wrote last week about the fact that one of our new Soul moms, Cathy was at our work party. I am sharing today her tiny son James who was born and passed on June 14 in the UW Hospital. This beautiful baby was born at 23 weeks gestation and is shown here today nestled in the arms of his mom. Cathy came a spent some time talking with me here at our home in Ballard and shared here desire to make a positive difference for other families and in education about premature birth and loss. I am struck by her genuine goodness and feel so blessed that I have a new friend. Little James was about the size of my dear friend's son Janus and after 22 years it is comforting to have met a little soul that lets my mind grasp a bit more about Janus' life and even the size of such a tiny baby.

All three of these beautiful boys have added so much to my awareness and have touched my heart. They will soon be featured in the new Soul gallery here on the web site. I will let you know when it is updated. I am honored that these families have agreed to share their stories.

In love and peace, Lynette