Sunday, August 13, 2006

I am all packed for my third wedding this weekend and am so looking forward to this event, as the mother of this bride won the Nellie Cashman award for which I was nominated. We were not in the same year's nomination, which meant she read my application and has been so supportive and excited about the work of Soulumination. It will be my honor to record this day for this family.

I arrived at yesterday's wedding and before I even started, the mother of the bride handed me a great card, with a very nice donation to Soulumination, stating that she realized that some of our families would not have the joy of watching their child get married. It was such a lovely gesture and the wedding was perfect. Thank you Janet and Don for your exceptional kindness. When I arrived home, there was a request for a new family at Children's, so I will think of you as I go to capture some precious memories.

I was sincerely touched by the fact that one bridesmaid had to attend yesterday's wedding without her fiance, as he is undergoing chemo in New York. I will keep her in my heart and I feel that her future husband has every chance for a grand recovery.

I heard of a wonderful new foundation in our area that will offer college scholarships to students who have survived cancer, which often depletes family finances. My friend Jackie, who coordinated this wedding, is involved in raising funds for this great charity. Her assistant last night happens to be friends with the Parisi family, and together we were delighting in just talking about Andrew and his wonderful family.

Friday I spent a good part of my day working at a beautiful event with Stephanie Solomon. It is always a pleasure to shoot weddings that Stepanie has coordinated. She has become a wonderful friend and she was the biggest help at the opening last year of our first showing at St Marks Cathedral. I work with her again today and its great to be working two weddings in a row with Cory Bogle of Bogle Productions, who is a videographer extraordinaire. He has generously made copy after copy of DVDs for Soulumination.

I started this blog on Sunday and have been so busy I am finishing it on Tuesday evening. I just returned home from a very quick trip to Children's Hospital. I met a lovely family and their pretty daughter and it is the mom's hope that I can return to take photos when her baby is smiling and on the road to recovery. It will be my honor to do that for them, so keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and hopefully things will improve to that point. As I returned home at 8pm, I turned the corner to head down the block to our place to see fire engines and assorted viewers watching a fire in a roofing truck parked right outside my office.

I shed a few tears this morning as Doug and I drove home from taking our dear McKenzie to the airport to return to San Luis Obispo. We are finding that, like the old adage, "We are working our way out of a job" with this parenting. Both girls are so warm and loving yet remarkably independent. They call for advice but they seem to find their way remarkably well on their own. They are certainly a source of great pride. We had dinner with our friends from Japan last night, who have been so very supportive of Soulumination. We celebrated McKenzie's 22 birthday and marveled over the lovely papers of Japan that Catherine has again so generously provided for us to use in making the trifolds and photo albums that are gifts to each Soul family. You might remember their two sets of twins from last year. They are the amazing children who staged a lemonade stand to raise funds for our work.

We are working with KOMO Sports news and the Husky Nation project and we will let you know when they plan to air a piece about the work that the Huskies are doing to help raise funds for Soulumination and spirit for their wonderful football team. My friends and former bride and groom, Stacy and Howard, were kind enough to take little Joshua to the UW dorms to work with the Dawgs for this KOMO piece. My sincere thanks to Eric Johnson and our board member Kelley for their willingness to participate on a Sunday evening when I was busy working at the above-mentioned wedding. I am posting a few of Kelley's shots of from the evening. We will have discs to sell soon and I hope you will encourage your friends to purchase this fun piece of Husky memorabilia.