Wednesday, August 02, 2006

As one proud mom, I am just spending time between shoots thinking about the day my McKenzie was born 22 years ago today. Its fun to recall each and every part of that day and realize that it was the day that I also started on a serious path toward work in photography. So, here's to you, my dear one, and I will see you soon when we will celebrate. Our McKenzie has spunk, style, and an amazing work ethic. I am posting a photo that I took of her a few weeks ago when she was home for a visit and was reunited with her cat who lives with us here in Seattle.

I wanted to write today to also post another shot of my little buddy Gabby as I called to tell her mom that she was featured on the blog and she told me that this dear girl is now in a hospital bed at home. My heart is with them and they are people of great faith, so please keep this wonderful child in your prayers and meditations. You can see more shots of dear Gabby on the blog entry preceding this one.

We received a beautiful handmade card yesterday with a letter from our dear Sydney's mom. We lost Sydney on February first and the mom enclosed a generous check and these words: "I have enclosed a check for Soulumination. This money was Sydney's savings account. After Sydney and her friends have raised quite a bit of money for pediatric brain tumor research and given Mona to Children's Hospital to purchase a device, I know she would have wanted this to go to Soulumination. Sydney loved your artistic flair and so enjoyed working on the Mugsy project with you. Hopefully this money will bring the treasures that you have given us to many more families." We needless to say have cried over this thoughtful generosity and reflected on the fact that no parent should have to decide where their daughter's saving should be donated. Sydney will forever be a part of my soul and I will tell future Soul families that her savings are being used to fund a part of their shoot. I am posting one of my favorite shots of Sydney today.

In love and peace, Lynette