Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today I received the releases to share with you the life of one beautiful baby boy named Hunter, who was born on Father's Day. I met him on the summer solstice and his life will shine through my soul on days that will otherwise seem dreary. His parents touched me so much with their determination to see a way to make their own loss matter in a positive way for others. They were meeting with the staff of our local organ donor organization after I left the hospital. They understood that the loss of their own child might mean saving another baby. I salute them and hopefully we will soon launch another show of the Soulumination Collection in which we can share his story and the heroic decision made by his parents to share his legacy in the most positive way imaginable. Hunter was such a handsome baby, and you could see that he resembled both of his parents in one glance. I am posting three of his photos here today and he will be added to our new gallery soon and you can read his full biography when that gallery is open.

We are so excited to have 4 of the Husky Football players over tomorrow for some promo shots with Emily and Channon. The CD project is moving along nicely and we are just making the first contacts for PR pieces and to get some air time for these novel 'fight' songs. I am so thankful to Alex Mercier for wanting to partner with us in this fund-raising project. You will hear him on the air soon and then watch him work his magic on the playing field this fall. I want to thank Clint Mead for his words of wisdom and for offering the help us market this CD. We are also very blessed to have some help and advice coming our way through Celia and Dan Evans. Their journey with daughter Eloise has made them such wise mentors in this work and I have loved this couple since meeting them to record their wedding. Once the CD is out for sale, I hope you will consider purchasing one as a novel and catchy piece of Husky history, plus the price will be affordable and the difference each dollar makes in funding this work is so treasured by our Soul families.

We are waiting to hear if the Soulumination Collection will hang at Johns Hopkins University. We are being considered by the staff, so if you have any ties to this honored institution, please put in a good word for us. I am happy to say that we have Sarah Mattingly working on this possible show. Locally, our board member Kelley Myers has agreed to take on the task of moving the show to appropriate sites. If you have possible show locations please let us know.

I hope you all had a great 4th of July. I spent the day picking berries with Doug and Lew, which is one of my favorite pastimes. Later that evening Doug and I walked the Burke Gilman Trail to Fremont to view the spectacular fireworks. I don't know why, but the ethereal beauty of the display always makes me melancholy over the losses of the beautiful children of Soulumination while reminding me that something as simple as fireworks can thrill me. In love and peace, Lynette