Monday, July 31, 2006

It has been an eventful week here at my studio. I am getting ready to go to a wedding at my husband's high school. Looking back over the week, it is wonderful to report that we sent my good friend, Jeremy Leffel, out on a shoot for Soulumination and, judging from the first shots that I have seen, the results are excellent indeed. Being able to count on other quality shooters means that part of my life, such as travel, can happen without undue worry over whether the foundation is honoring requests in a timely manner.

We had a work party here in the studio to create more of the lovely albums that are one of the gifts each family receives. We were honored to have two of our Soul moms participating, especially when Cathy explained that she opens her album every night to see her beautiful son. I will share photos of her James with you in my next blog. I thank my wonderful friends for being willing to come help with Soulumination projects every time I ask. We completed 40 albums and they are beautiful indeed.

I want to thank our intern Toshi for his help and for securing an in-kind donation that is so incredibly helpful. He has a friend who owns a business called Evergreen Computer Products, Inc., that refills printer ink cartridges. They have so generously offered to fill Souluminations cartridges.

We are moving ahead with the Husky Nation CD project and will put the photos of the players up with the children once we have final coach approval. We should be ready to roll with that any day now. I am hoping many will purchase this unique piece of Husky history . I applaud Alex Mercier for his hard and ingenious work on this music. We are honored to call him friend and I know you will enjoy his efforts on the playing field this season. Let's support this team and show them that we stand proud of our football tradition here in Seattle.

I share today photos of a special little girl. Her name is Gabby and she is one of the cutest little six-year-olds I have ever met. Her smile and general outlook on life is like sunshine itself. She has a brain tumor but is certainly defined by a joy that is bigger than any cancer.

I spent some time with my parents and my brother's family this past week up in Sequim. It had been my mom's birthday and it was great to have Llewelyn join me to be with her. My brother and his family took me out crabbing and it was so beautiful and peaceful being out on the water doing the same thing that had brought me such contentment in my youth. I was reflecting with a dear friend yesterday over loss and I said that the way through this all for me, since we did lose our dear friend Stephanie's sister and another beautiful baby over the last few weeks, was to concentrate on the joy in each family and the love that each child brings into our lives. I could be consumed with grief but I know the children bring so much to my life that it leads me through each sorrow. I am not unscathed but truly ready to embrace each part of this crazy life. In love and peace, Lynette